Just That Geek

Kara Richardson is you normal geek, her life is dedicated to school work and boring things like math. But she has a secret, her two best friend's happen to be part of the schools bad boy's. What will Kara do when one of the bad boy's start getting curious and want to learn more about Kara?


8. Chapter 8

~3 weeks later~

Well we went to the hospital and I broke my wrist again and I had two cracked ribs. I went back to school three weeks later and I had a brace on my right wrist again and my ribs were starting to heal. I was going to ignore them again but I need this time just to calm down from what Luke did to me. The thing that bugged me the most was he wanted to fight me. I just didn't get picked random he told the referee he wanted to fight me. I guess it just put me in perspective even though he's my friend he still is that bad boy and like I found out he would beat me up if he had to.

I walked to school and saw that they were standing where they usually do but I kept my head down and walked past them. I walked into the school and quickly found my locker. Then they all swarmed around my locker so there was no way for me to sneak past them.

"Guys I forgive you and everything but I just need a day to like calm down. You guys I'm fine with it's Luke I have the problem with right now. Actually Luke I have a question for you so can you guys give us a minute?" I asked and everyone left but Luke.

"Luke I just need to know why? You asked to fight me. Why?" I asked that was the only question that was running through my head.

"I don't know I guess I was mad because you didn't kiss me. I really like you Kara and knowing that Calum likes you too. It really bothered me and I just wish you felt the same with me like you do with Calum." He said.

"Luke. Calum and I aren't dating but if we do you don't need to be mad or jealous. See I've known Calum for longer and I know the friendship we have and the thing is with you if you got mad at me you might do what you did three weeks ago. So please if we do start dating promise me you wont be mad or jealous." He then shook his head yes. "Good. So what are you guy doing today?"

"Skipping what else would we do?" He laughed.

"You guys are difficult. I'll see you after school or at lunch or whenever you guys get back." I said walking to class.

By the time lunch came around they still weren't back. I had finished my lunch and was walking to my locker when I was pulled somewhere. I looked around and saw I was in the boys change room. Ew someone help me get out of here.

"Kara we need your help." I heard someone say in the shadows. I then saw three figures come out from the shadows and it was the captain and co-captains of the football team?

"Why do you need my help? You've never needed my help before." I said.

"Your close with Luke right?" One of them asked.

"I'm close with all of them actually." I said proudly.

"That's even better we need you to do something." The captain said.

"Can we hurry this up I have class." I said.

"Don't worry you have gym and we already talked to the gym teacher. He loves us and said you could get out of gym because we need you to help us with math or something like that." Great lie I thought to myself.

"Ok what do you need me to do?" I asked wanting this to hurry up.

"Well they lost a bet with us and our deal was who ever lost the person who didn't got to beat up the losers." The captain said cracking his knuckles.

"Ha they could beat you up any day." I laughed.

"How would you know?" He asked.

"I've seen them fight each other. They're really good I've even fought one of them I was out for two days." I said.

"Well how did you two get in a fight?" He asked.

"They took me to the alley and let me say I was close to winning but he knocked me to the ground a third time and I blacked out." I said.

"So that's how you broke your wrist?" He asked smiling.

"No your slutty girlfriend did that and because of that she ruined your chances of me helping you so you can go thank her for that." I said smiling walking towards the door then the three of them stepped in front of me.

"Maybe we weren't clear. If you don't help us we have the whole football team to convince you." He said all three of them cracking their knuckles.

"Yes great idea. Get the whole football to beat up a girl and a geek too. Lets think of how that would turn out shall we? So lets see thirteen or fourteen huge guys against a little girl who doesn't fight and is already hurt. Will that make you guys look better?" I asked I knew they knew I was right.

"But you told us that you fought one of them?" They said.

"Ya but they don't know and if people watch I wont try and fight back not if you let me leave then I wont tell anyone about your idea to fight me is that good?" They all moved and I started to walk towards the door again.

"You know your turning into one of them now." One of them yelled back at me as I walked out the door and I just smiled. I quickly take out my phone and call Luke.

"Hello?" I heard him say. He sounded breathless and like he was running from something.

"Luke are you running?" I asked.

"Ya um we kind of did something in the alley and now everyone is chasing us. So ya." He said.

"Do you need help?" I asked.

"That would be nice we're coming up to the front of the school soon please hurry." He said before he hung up.

I quickly called my mom and told her to call the school and tell them I was going home. I told her I had to go help Luke and the guys because someone was chasing after them. Once she finally let me off the phone I ran to the front and I made it just in time to see Luke and Ashton run by. I went and ran up beside Luke.

"Luke what did you guy do?" I asked running.

"Well they were saying that the girl we brought yesterday was a terrible fighter and I guess to make it shorter is we fought almost everyone there and now their chasing us so ya we need help." Luke said tiredly. I saw that all four of them were getting tired. I had to come up with a plan quick.

"Luke I have and idea lets set up a match so I fight the toughest person in the group and if I win they shut up but if I lose then I can never go back to the alley." Luke nodded and we told everyone and they were a little nervous but agreed and then we were able to get all the people chasing us to stop and we told them our idea and they agreed but I had to do the match again. I still had no idea who I was battling.

I was standing alone in the ring when Calum and Michael both walked in. I was so confused. "I have to fight the both of you?"

"Ya we're both tied for first so your fighting both of us at the same time." Calum said.

"Lets do this then." I said. So Calum ran at me and I dodged and then Michael ran at me when I was regaining my balance and I dodged him. I had to come up with a plan. I thought and I knew I had to let them both take me to the ground at least once. I knew then they would be happy they took me down and wouldn't expect me to rebound. So I let if happen. Calum took me down to the ground first.

He looked at me upset but then just started to throw punches at my face. My heart was beating like crazy but I knew I had to calm down. I breathed in and out slowly and my breathing and heart rate came down. I then grabbed his fist and punched him in the face and got back up. And just like I was hoping Michael came and took me to the ground. 

He did the same as Calum he just kept punching me in the face. But his were harder and faster than Calum's but I managed to grab his fist and punch him in the face I got up and I was standing at one of end of the circle of people and they stood at the other. Calum came running towards me and I ran towards him but instead of going for him I went for Michael which caught him off guard and I pushed him to the ground.

I started throwing punched just like he did fast and hard. Once I saw I punched him enough I got up and started to run towards Calum. Our arms locked and now it was just like with Luke it was a battle to see who could knock who to the ground first. I kicked him in the knee and then he fell. I started to kick him in the ribs and once I knew he wasn't getting up I looked over at Michael and saw he wasn't getting up. I walked out of the alley and sat on the wall facing the street.

Ashton and Luke came out and sat down on either side of me. I was just staring at the street just thinking about what just happened. I couldn't believe I did that. 

"Kara are you ok?" Ashton asked.

"The real question is if Michael and Calum are ok." I said.

"But you hit the ground pretty hard a couple times and you got a couple good blows to the face." Luke said.

"That was my plan I knew if they each tool me down once they wouldn't expect me to rebound but I did. I had a whole plan." I said still blankly staring at the road. "And if I ever skip school with you guys again can we please not come here. I think I've had enough fights for a lifetime." They both nodded and we walked back in the alley to see Michael and Calum still dizzy but were now standing.

"Hey Kara nice job." Calum said wincing but giving me a high five.

"Ya that was a good job." Michael said also wincing but giving me a high five.

"You guys did a pretty good job yourselves now lets go back to Calum's place or whoever's house and I'll get you two cleaned up. It helps being smart because at one point I decided to read a first aid book." I said helping Michael and Calum into Ashton's car.

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