Just That Geek

Kara Richardson is you normal geek, her life is dedicated to school work and boring things like math. But she has a secret, her two best friend's happen to be part of the schools bad boy's. What will Kara do when one of the bad boy's start getting curious and want to learn more about Kara?


7. Chapter 7

Finally Luke set me down and we were in the alley. As soon as Luke put me down he went and talked to the referee. Well he wasn't a good one though the only thing he did was find new people to fight. I looked over at Calum to see if he could tell me what was going on but him, Ashton and Michael were all sound asleep up against the wall. Then Luke pointed at me and I had a terrible feeling. Luke finished talking to the referee and he stood in the middle of the circle and the referee finally spoke.

"We have a special match today!" He yelled so everyone could hear him. My terrible feeling just got even worse. He started walking over to me and grabbed my bad wrist and brought me into the middle of the circle. I guess I was facing Luke. 

"Luke why do you want to fight me?" I asked he didn't respond. "If this is because I didn't kiss you. You are an idiot." I said and before I could do anything he tackled me to the ground. I looked up at his face and he had an evil smile on his face. Then I felt his fist made contact with my nose, then the side of my face, then the other side and then he did an uppercut and punched me right in the chin and I felt my teeth crash together. I knew that this fight wasn't going to be as easy as my first. He was faster than me and he had better fighting skills then me.

I looked him dead in the eyes and everything seemed to go in slow motion. I saw him bring his left hand back and start to bring it towards my face but I stopped it with my left. I was still looking him in the eyes and I used my right hand to punch him across the face. He stumbled backwards and I quickly got to my feet. I then pushed him to the ground. But instead of using my hands I started to kick him hard in the ribs. With every kick I only kicked harder. Finally I stopped kicking and I let Luke get back up. I could tell that he now knew I was going to be harder to fight then he thought. 

He ran towards me and I jumped out of the way at the last second making him run into a wall. As he turned around I could see he was about to explode from anger. Just to bug him I stuck my tongue out at him and it only made him more angry but I didn't care. He then ran towards me tackled me to the ground and got up and started to kick me in the sides. And I could tell his anger was building because just like me with every kick his kicks only got harder.

"Luke stop..." I said quietly so only he could hear.

"See it doesn't feel nice getting kicked in the ribs does it?!" He half asked half yelled because of all the cheering coming from the crowd. I knew he wasn't going to stop so I had to some how win this fight.

I rolled and it killed my side. I didn't care I just kept rolling till I hit the wall. I quickly got up and saw that Luke's nose and mouth were bleeding. I had no idea where I was bleeding from but I knew I was bleeding. We both ran at each other and we both knew who ever was pushed to the ground won this fight. We both were in extreme pain but neither of us were going to give up. We stood there just pushing each other weakly till Luke swept his foot on the ground knocking me onto one foot. I then lost balance and as soon as my head made contact with the hard pavement I blacked out.

~Two Days Later~

I awoke in a bed and looked around the room and saw I was back in Calum's room. Did my parents know where I was? I hoped they did so they could come take me home. I tried to get up but I had a huge pain run through my side. I lifted up the shirt which wasn't mine or the one I put on a couple days ago please don't tell me they changed me when I blacked out. As I lifted the shirt I saw I had a blue, black and purple bruise running all over my chest. I looked at my wrist and saw it was out of the brace and saw it was also blue,black and purple. It was broken again.

I got out of the bed. It hurt like heck but I forgot about it and got up any ways. I walked out of the room and started to walk to the living room. I was really happy I had to walk down a hallway before going in there because a couple times I almost fell and I had to grab the wall for support. Once I reached the living room I saw all four of them were sitting on the couches and they all looked upset.

I cleared my throat but that's not what got their attention it was my cry of pain that got their attention. They all rushed over and tried to hug me but I tried to push them away. And they understood how much pain I was in. I looked at Luke and saw his face was bruised and swollen and his lip was split. I couldn't do anything but feel happy I did that to him. He deserved it after he punched me in the face.

"Kara I'm so-" He started but I quickly cut him off.

"Luke save it. Can someone take me home." I didn't really ask I just demanded it.

They all looked at Ashton and I guess he was the only one out of the four that could drive. He nodded and then we both walked out of the house. Well I had to get Ashton to help me because I was limping and I couldn't walk fast. We got in the car. It was silent for a while then he spoke.

"Hey Kara are you ok?" He asked then I lost it.

"Yes Ashton I'm fine! My wrist is broken again my sides are black and blue and my so called friend decided to beat me up! I'm perfectly fine!" I yelled.

"God I'm sorry for asking but you don't have to be angry." He said focusing on the road. I decided it was best if I didn't respond.

Finally we got to my house and Ashton helped me up the stairs. He also rung the doorbell and my parents opened the door and hugged me. I also pushed them away.

"Kara what happened?" My dad asked.

"I was walking to school and I got kidnapped and they beat me up and I was lucky enough that Ashton found me and brought me to Calum's house and I blacked out there so they waited till I woke up to bring me back home. I think my wrist is broken again and I think I may have a few broken ribs." I said my voice sounding terrible because it hurt so much to talk. My mom and dad quickly ran inside to grab some ice and left Ashton to help me walk in the house.

"Kara aren't you going to tell your parents what really happened?" He asked helping me lie down on the couch.

"No I still want to hang with you guys and if I do they wont let me." I said then my parents walked back in and made Ashton leave. I told my parents we could go to the hospital tomorrow because I just wanted to sleep. They finally agreed and I passed out on the couch.

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