Just That Geek

Kara Richardson is you normal geek, her life is dedicated to school work and boring things like math. But she has a secret, her two best friend's happen to be part of the schools bad boy's. What will Kara do when one of the bad boy's start getting curious and want to learn more about Kara?


5. Chapter 5

~3 weeks later~

I'm finally aloud to go to school. I've been so bored at home. I've made up as many math problems as I could and I read all the books I could find but now I'm finally free. My wrist was still in a brace but I could write with my right hand now. It hurt a little but I've gotten used to it. And I was walking out the house and Luke and Ashton were standing there.

"Uh hi? Not to be rude or anything but what are you guys doing here?" I asked.

"We've come to walk with you to school." Luke said. I slowly started to walk down my stairs towards them.

"Ok well then were's Calum and Michael?" I asked coming to stand in front of me.

"We're meeting them at school. Now lets go." Luke said grabbing my hand. I tried to let go but he had a really tight grip on it.

As we walked up to the school Ashton and Luke kept looking around like looking out for teachers. I saw Calum and Michael were in front of us on the side walk on the other side of the school and they were waving at us to hurry up. As we walked past the path to the front doors to the school I knew what they were going to make me do. They were making me skip school.

"Luke I can't skip school." I said trying to release myself from his grip but he was stronger than me.

"Kara it's fine. They still think you're off school." Luke said practically dragging me over to Calum and Michael and Ashton who got ahead of us.

"No they don't I heard my mom call the school and tell them I was coming today. I can't miss school." I said braking from his grip.

I started to run towards the school but of course Luke was faster then me. Once he caught up to me he wrapped his hands around my waist and threw me over his shoulder. I started to pound my fist on his back but he acted like I wasn't hitting him. Then we reached Calum, Michael and Ashton. He set me down on the ground but he grabbed my hand again but made the grip even tighter.

"Kara chill it's fine. We do this all the time." Ashton said who was standing on the other side of me whispered in my ear.

"No it's not fine. It may be fine for you because you do this all the time. But it's not for me I've never missed a day of school in my life. I have perfect grades and I did have a perfect attendance record. And I don't even know what my parents are going to say when they find out." I said frustrated.

"Kara just give up you know you're not getting out of this." Luke whispered in my ear. I looked behind me and saw that Calum and Michael were walking behind us. So even if I did break free I couldn't escape. If I ran behind me they would get me and if I ran forwards I know that Luke and Ashton are faster than me.

"Ya I know." I said looking down at my feet and giving up. "But why do you think I want to go with you guys and skip school?"

"Because you are to up tight. You need sometime to relax." Luke said.

"I've been doing that for the past three weeks idiot." I said quietly. Even though I knew they would hurt me cause I think we're friends now but they still scared me.

"Yes but you couldn't go out. So where should we go first guys?" Luke asked.

"To the alleyway." Calum said.

"I don't think it's a good idea to take Kara there for her first time skipping." Luke said.

"Luke I really don't care any more. I'll go any where." I said sadly.

"Ok if you're sure but if you get put in a fight it's on you." Luke said quickly turning a corner. I snapped my head and looked at him but he was to focused on looking towards an alleyway. As we got closer I heard people shouting. I quickly regretted saying that I'd go any where. 

As we walked into the alley I saw that there was a crowd of people and in the middle they had two people fighting. I now knew what these four did when they skipped school.

There were two guys fighting. One was really muscular and the other was really scrawny. I knew that they were just pulling random people from the crowd and getting them to fight. I guess this is where Calum, Michael, Luke and Ashton learned their fighting skills. I was just hoping they didn't pick me. 

We walked into the crowd and stood near the back I guess so I wouldn't get chosen. We were standing and after the two guys fought which the smaller guy lost they chose another two guys but this time it was Luke and Calum. Oh god if they chose them what's going to stop them from choosing me next.

I was watching the fight and Calum threw the first punch. He hit Luke right in the jaw. Without realizing I grabbed Michael's hand. Then Luke threw the next punch and he hit Calum right in the ribs. He bent over clutching his ribs and before he could get up Luke pushed him to the ground. I guess being friends doesn't matter in there. Luke went to throw another punch that would hit Calum in the face but he rolled out the way before it could. He then got up and pushed Luke to the ground. While he was lying on the ground Calum punched him in the cheek. I was now gripping Michael's hand even tighter. I think I was starting to cut off his circulation but I didn't care. Luke got a hand free and punched Calum in the face and he fell backwards and was knocked out.

Luke walked back over with his face bloody and someone came and grabbed Calum and put him over on the side lines with the small guy I saw get knocked out just before. Then they picked a girl and I knew that I could get picked. I started to freak out then to my great luck they picked me. I froze where I was and Ashton and Michael both had to push me forwards. 

I stood face to face with my opponent and looked her dead in the eyes. She was way taller than me and I knew that she was slower than me just but her look. She had a lot of muscle and I knew it would slow her down.

She threw the first punch and I jumped sideways. I ran behind her and had no idea so before I could do anything she turned around and I felt her fist make contact with the side of my face. I stumbled backwards but I knew not to let myself fall to the ground. I knew if I did that I was a goner. She came closer and threw a punch at me again and I blocked it with my bad wrist. It hurt like hell but I didn't show it. I then used my left hand and threw a punch at her face. It hit her nose and her nose started to bleed. I then used my feet to my advantage and kicked her in the side. And this time it was her who stumbled backwards. I took a quick glance over at the guys and they all looked shocked.

I gave myself a little smile but I quickly snapped out of it when she came running towards me and I quickly twisted my body and she missed me. She ran into the wall but quickly regained balance and this time I was taken to the ground. I felt my head hit of the pavement and I knew that it was bleeding. She started to throw punches at me. But I kept telling myself to get up or do something. So I got my right hand free and I punched straight in the face and she stopped punching me. I felt like that punch hurt me then it hurt her. I took this opportunity to push her hard onto the ground and then I punched her in the head and then I saw her eyes close and she passed out.

I quickly got up and looked down at her and realized what I had done. I slowly walked away not looking back at her lifeless body. I walked over to where we were standing and saw Calum was up again and him and Luke were acting as if nothing happened. Once I walked over they both looked at me like I was different.

"Kara how did you do that?" Ashton asked.

"I-I don't know I just did it. I-I'm a monster aren't I?" I said looking down at my hands that had her blood on them.

"No Kara your not." Luke said.

"Yes I am I could have killed her. I knew this was a bad idea since Luke grabbed my hand I knew something was up." I said almost crying.

"Kara calm down." Luke said hugging me. I couldn't get words out and I just cried into his shoulder.

"Luke do you think we should leave?" Ashton asked. Luke nodded and he let go of me and grabbed my hand and we walked out of the alley. 

"Hey Kara do you want to go to the movies?" Calum asked still bleeding from his face. I nodded my head and we walked over to the movies which were only five or six blocks away so we didn't have a far walk. 

We walked into the movies and went and saw a comedy and within ten minutes of the movie I fell asleep. So I don't know if they brought me home of if they didn't know I was sleeping and didn't notice till the movie was over.

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