Just That Geek

Kara Richardson is you normal geek, her life is dedicated to school work and boring things like math. But she has a secret, her two best friend's happen to be part of the schools bad boy's. What will Kara do when one of the bad boy's start getting curious and want to learn more about Kara?


38. Chapter 35

"Calum what do want? I was so close to beating one my games." Michael complained as him, Luke and Ashton walked into the park and spotted us.

"Michael stop complaining and listen. So I know Luke has heard but I don't know if you guys have. But Kara and I tried to break into her house to get her phone back. And as you can tell that didn't go too well. We ended up walking into them so we want your guys' help and see if that helps." Calum said.

"Yeah sure I guess." Michael said. Ashton nodded in agreement but Luke just stepped back and I followed.

"Kara I can't do this." He said looking down at the ground.

"Luke listen to me. I promise you won't get caught. Calum and I literally walked right into my parents and we're still here. And we're doing it at night so they'll probably be sleeping." I said.

"But what if they aren't?" He asked.

"Luke I've lived with my parents for my whole life and they can't stay awake past 10. They try but I always go and check on them at 10 and they're out like a light. Just trust me." I said grabbing his hands causing him to look at me. He stared at my face I guess trying to find a small bit of doubt but I guess he never found any. His face softened at bit and he smiled.

"Yeah ok I guess I trust you." He said. 

I pulled him into a hug and smiled into his shoulder "Thanks for trusting me."

"Is he in?" Calum asked.

"Ya he's in." I smiled as I pulled away from him and we walked back to the circle.

"Ok Kara this is your idea so you should probably take over." Calum said. I nodded and everyone turned to face me.

"Well I kinda had an idea. I was thinking that maybe we could get one or two people to come inside and check if the house is clear. And the rest of us could go inside and we could have two people on lookout at my parents room to see if they come out or not." I said.

"Sounds great I'll go in and check and see if the coast is clear." Calum said.

"I'll go with you. Calum and I will call you inside if the coast is clear." I said.

"Ok I'll keep watch over your parents room with someone else." Luke said.

"Yeah I guess I stay on lookout cause I'm not very good at being quiet." Michael said. 

"Ok and Ashton you'll stay with Calum and I." I said.

"Sounds fine. There's just one problem I don't know your house really well." Ashton said.

"Don't worry you'll have Calum leading you around. I'll probably break off at some point." I said.

"Kara no! What if you get caught on your own. We will definitely never see you again if you do." Luke said.

"Luke trust me. I know what I'm doing. If I break off it's because I have and idea where my phone is. I promise I won't get caught and if I do, I-I want the rest of you to leave me behind." I stuttered.

"What no! We can't leave you behind." Calum said.

"Yeah Kara, Calum's right we can't leave a man or woman behind." Ashton said.

"I understand guys but, if you guys stay all of you will go to jail. I can live with myself being stuck in my house. But I couldn't live with myself if you guys went to jail just because I wanted my phone back." I said putting my head down.

"Kara where the hell is this whole us going to jail thing coming from?" Michael asked confused.

"I think I know." Luke said walking over to me. "Listen Kara. I should never have said that Calum could go to jail earlier. Yes there is a possibility but sometimes you have to realize sometimes people want to do something for a friend not thinking about what might happen after." He said.

"I understand that but I just couldn't deal with it." I said sadly.

"Let me talk to the guys for a second." He said quickly walking away.

They soon all finished talking and turned to face me. "Ok if we get caught we'll leave and hide." Calum said.

"Thanks guys."

"Ok so when are we doing this plan?" Michael asked.

"Um in a couple hours." I said awkwardly.

"Really? We came up with this plan and it's not happening a couple of hours?" Michael complained.

"Well I thought it would take longer to come up with. And I also wanted to make sure we had enough time to plan it and not make it at the last minute." I said.

"Well you could have waited a bit. What are we going to do till then?" Ashton asked.

"Hangout in the park I guess." I said not really knowing what we could do.

"Fine." Michael said.

"Well you don't have to mope around. Well you can if you want but I'm gonna go on the swings." I said walking away.

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