Just That Geek

Kara Richardson is you normal geek, her life is dedicated to school work and boring things like math. But she has a secret, her two best friend's happen to be part of the schools bad boy's. What will Kara do when one of the bad boy's start getting curious and want to learn more about Kara?


36. Chapter 33

It has been about a week since Calum finally accepted the fact I wasn't going to date him. I'm happy because I finally got my best friend back. 

"Hey Kara where's the milk?" Calum yelled from the kitchen.

"Isn't it in the fridge?" I asked walking into the kitchen.

"No it's not and it's not on the counter." He said turning to face me now.

"I'll go buy some then. I have to go out anyways." I sighed.

"I'll go it's fine." He said.

"No I was gonna go clothes shopping today cause I need some new summer clothes." I said looking down at my pants and sweater.

"Well I'll go with you." He said straightening up.

"You want to go clothes shopping?" I said shocked.

"Well ya I guess it would be fun." He said shrugging his shoulders.

"Well ok then. Give me a sec I need to brush my hair." I said quickly running to the bathroom and soon returning to the kitchen my hair now nicely brushed.

"I guess we're walking?" He said.

"Yep. Now come on I wanna get there before all the good clothes are gone." I said grabbing his wrist and dragging him to the front door. I slipped on my all black Converse and he put on his. Soon we started walking. Well Calum was walking I was running. 

I managed to get to the store before Calum so I got a head start at looking. And I managed to find a couple cute things. I found a black tank top that had a white skull on the front and the back was all ripped. I found a nice pair of jean high waist shorts that had studs on the belt loops. And then I found a light orange t-shirt with a black and white Polaroid camera on the front.

I quickly went into the change room and put on the shorts and the black tank top. I looked at myself and before I could say anything about the outfit I heard my name being called from somewhere in the store.

"Kara! Kara where are you?" I heard Calum yell.

"I'm in change room 7!" I yelled stilling in change room still. I soon heard a knock on my door.

"Kara you in there?" Calum questioned.

"Yes I am can you tell me how this looks?" I asked swinging the door open. Calum moved out of the way and I stepped in front of the door so he could get a better look.

"Ya it looks good. I like the rips in the back of the tank top." He said looking behind me.

"Thanks I like it too. Ok so now I know my size I'm gonna grab anything I like." I said quickly.

"Kara where are you getting this money from?" He asked confused.

"My parents said when I turned 18 the saving account with the money I've been saving since I was like 4 I was able to have access it. And I've been able to access it for a while now but I've never really thought of what I could use it for. And today I had the great idea of using it to buy summer clothes." I said happily.

"And about approximately how much money is in there?" He asked.

"Ok I don't know more then 500." I said casually.

"And you're spending it on clothes?" He asked confused.

"Now I'm spending about half on clothes and the other half I'm gonna use for whatever later on I guess and this store's having a sell. Everything is half off so I'm getting more for less. It's a win, win situation." I said excitedly running over to the shirt rack and grabbing 5 different shirts.

About an hour later I had finally finished buying everything. I had about 10 new shirts, 5 pairs of shorts, 3 pairs of pants and 2 pairs of shoes. My total came to about 200. Once I had all my bags I carried them out with Calum following behind.

"Ok now lets go buy some milk." I said happily walking down the street to the supermarket. It took us about 5 minutes to but the milk and we went back to the house so Calum could put the milk in the fridge and so I could put my bags down. Which were starting to cut off the circulation in my hands. 

"Calum it's a nice day out and I don't think we should stay inside all day and I was thinking that I would love to post on Instagram and let my followers know how beautiful a day this is. Then I remembered I don't have my phone. So I decided we should go and get it." I said walking back out into the living room. 

"So you're suggesting we break into your house and get your phone back?" He said.

"That is exactly what I'm suggesting. I know where my parents are hiding my phone and they're not smart enough to move the spot. And they are also not smart enough to fix the back door where I escaped from." I said confidently.

"Are you sure your parents seems pretty smart to me." He said putting his hands on his hips.

"Yes they are smart but they are book smart not street smart. There is a difference. And myself I have mastered both so I can do this with your help." I said putting my hand on my chest.

"First of all don't be too cocky. And second I would be honored to help you." He said smiling.

"Ok we leave in an hour. I need to nap before I go." I yawned.

"Of course you do. You nap and I'll wake you up in an hour." He laughed.

"See you in a bit Cal." I yawned walking back into Calum's room and passing out on his bed.

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