Just That Geek

Kara Richardson is you normal geek, her life is dedicated to school work and boring things like math. But she has a secret, her two best friend's happen to be part of the schools bad boy's. What will Kara do when one of the bad boy's start getting curious and want to learn more about Kara?


32. Chapter 29

The next day Luke and I decided that we'd hangout after my therapy session. So after I had spent yet another hour in the hospital I walked into the waiting room to see Luke in a panic. I went as fast as I could on crutches over to him.

"Luke what's wrong?" I asked out of breath.

"Your parents are outside." He said.

"They are? How do you know?" I asked.

"Well I was going out to the car cause I forgot something and just as I was about to go out the door and then I saw them." He said.

"Ok isn't there another door?" I asked.

"Ya but how are we going to get to the car without them knowing?" He asked.

"I don't know let's just get outside first and figure it out from there." I said. He nodded and we started towards the other door on the other side of the hospital. We finally reached it and I was really out of breath.

"Luke can we stop for a minute." I panted.

"Kara how long have been on those crutches?" He asked.

"Almost a week." I said.

"Well then you shouldn't be so out of breath." He said.

"I'm sorry I don't use them that often." I said.

"Whatever. What do we do now?" He asked.

"Well since the cars in the parking lot on the other side. Can't we just try and sneak by?" I asked.

"Ya but what if they see us?" He asked.

"Then just drop everything and run." I said.

"What do you mean by drop everything and run?" He asked.

"Well you don't need to drop anything. I'll just drop my crutches and run." I said.

"Ok how about we use that as plan F. How about we just be quiet and keep our hoods up so they can't see out faces." He said.

"Sounds better than my plan." I said.

We walked out the front door and walked along the side of the building. Once we got to the corner of the building on the other side we put our hoods on and quickly tried to make our way to the car. I looked out of the corner and I saw my mom and dad were just kinda waiting outside like a bunch of stalkers. 

"Hey excuse have you seen a girl on crutches and a guy with like blonde quiffed hair come out?" I heard my mom asked. 

Luke and I quickly looked at each other and then shook our heads no.

"Ok thanks anyways." My mom said.

We both breathed a sigh of relief. Right then there was a giant gust of wind that blew our hoods off. We immediately stopped right where we were. We slowly turned our heads towards my parents and were happy to see they weren't paying attention. We quickly put our hoods back on and continued. Soon we were in the car and we both fell into the seat relived.

"That was close." I said putting my crutches in the back.

"You're telling me." Luke said.

"So where we off to?" I asked.

"I don't know where would you like to go?" He asked.

"I don't know I haven't been out in a long time." I said.

"Ok want to go the park?" He asked.

"Sure why not." I said.

"Ok lets go." He said putting the car into gear and pulling out of the parking lot.

We soon arrived at the park. And once I got out I realized how much I missed going to parks. Once I was on my crutches I made my way to the playground leaving Luke behind me.

"I'm going to go down that slide." I said trying to get up.

"And exactly how are you going to do that?" Luke asked coming up behind me.

"I don't know but I'm gonna do it." I said.

"Well how are you? You can't really walk without crutches." He said.

"Yes I can and I'm going to." I said finally on the equipment leaving my crutches in the sand.

"Ok but I'm coming up in case you fall." He said now on the equipment.

"Fine." I said using the bars to pull myself up. Once I was standing I slowly walked along the side with a worried Luke standing right behind me.

"Can you please not you're making me nervous." I said turning my head.

"Sorry." He said putting his hands beside him.

I continued walking when I came to a step. I put one foot up and as I started to put pressure on my other foot I felt my leg starting to shake. I continued and as I put more pressure it started to shake more. And when I lifted my foot I felt myself starting to wobble but I gripped the bars tighter and once my foot was down I got my balance back and kept walking. And soon I was at the slide. I slowly got myself down and was soon sliding down the slide and at the bottom.

"That was so much fun!" I said happily.

"Looked like it took a lot of effort." Luke said coming beside me at the bottom of the slide with my crutches.

"I don't care it was fun." I said grabbing my crutches and getting back up.

"Well at least we know you can walk kinda." He said.

"Ya but the crutches are still a good idea." I said.

"Ya probably is. Where do you want to go now?" He asked.

"I just wanna walk around." I said.

"Ok." He said as we started to walk on the path.

"Luke I have a question." I said.

"Yes." He said.

"Are you ok with me staying at Calum's?" I asked.

"Ya I guess." I said.

"What do you mean by I guess?" I asked.

"Well I know that Calum still likes you." He said.

"I'm telling you nothing's going to happen." I said.

"How do you know that for sure?" He asked.

"Because I wont let it happen. And Calum even know's it." I said.

"Are you?" He asked.

"Because I hugged him and he got up and said he can't do it because he still likes me but I'm dating you." I said.

"What was the hug for?" He asked.

"Me. I needed it. You try living in a house that literally separates you from the outside world. Then getting out and still being on bad terms with your boyfriend." I said.

"We weren't on that bad of terms." He said.

"We kind of were. You walked out on me. I was still upset and I just needed a hug." I said.

"You sure it was just a hug?" He asked.

"Ok Luke I'm ok with you being a bit protective but right now you're being over protective." I said.

"I'm sorry I'm scared I'm going to lose you to Calum." He said.

"That;s the thing you wont. Calum's my friend and that's it. You're the one I love so can you please just trust me?" I said.

"Fine. I trust you but is it ok if I don't really trust Calum?" He asked.

"What you and Calum think of each other is between you." I said.

"Ok." He said.

"Does that mean you can trust me now?" I asked.

"I don't know." He said.

"Luke I'm sorry I'm bad with secrets. I don't like secrets. And I don't like hiding things from people." I said.

"I know that now. It's still kinda difficult for me. I guess I don't know." He said.

"I just wanna say I'm good at keeping certain secrets like if it's really important I wont say anything but if it's not that bad I'll tell someone." I said.

"Ok I trust you more now and I guess I trust you enough to believe you that there's nothing going on between you and Calum." He said.

"Thanks. And can we sit down?" I asked.

"You tired?" He asked.

"Well kinda we walked to the other side of the park." I said.

"Oh." He said surprised.

"Ya." I said finding a park bench and sitting down.

"So what do you want to do after?" He asked coming to sit down beside me.

"I don't know go eat food?" I asked.

"Sounds great." He said putting his arm around me. I swear these guys are going soft.

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