Just That Geek

Kara Richardson is you normal geek, her life is dedicated to school work and boring things like math. But she has a secret, her two best friend's happen to be part of the schools bad boy's. What will Kara do when one of the bad boy's start getting curious and want to learn more about Kara?


27. Chapter 24

~6 months after car accident, now out in physiotherapy~ 

Today was my first day in therapy and I was hoping it'd go well. But i don;t really know how it could go well if I've been stuck in a wheelchair for 6 months and I'm now finally aloud to try and walk. The only thing is for the first month or two I have to have a wheel chair ready to use at all time because they said that "even though I'm able to walk I still may need the wheelchair in case of emergencies." I just want to be as far away from a wheelchair as possible.

People sometimes think that being in a wheelchair is fun but let me tell you it's not. Sure for the first week I was fine ya know cause I could roll around and race the guys down the street. But after the first week the wheelchair it lost it's fun because when Luke and I would go into town I'd try to go in a store and they'd have like a step and I couldn't go in. And since I was still not on good terms with my mom and dad I was still in Luke's house. And because of my condition he let me have his bed and he took the couch and I felt bad.

But now that was all behind me and I could finally try and walk again. But when I got into the hospital I didn't do what I thought I would do. They sat me down on a chair and explained for the first couple weeks I'd just be working on stretching my muscles.

"Really I'm just stretching? But I want to be able to walk again. I don't care if I have to use crutches I'll use anything I just don't want to use a wheelchair anymore." I said.

"I'm sorry Kara but your muscles haven't been used and we need to stretch them and get them used to being used again and I'm sorry that it has to take so long but it's just the way the body works." The doctor said calmly to me putting her hand on my knee for reassurance.

"It's fine I guess I can put up with having a wheelchair for another couple weeks. I guess it could be worse." I said sadly letting go of my hope.

"There see it's not that bad. You've been able to deal with it for a couple months you should be able to deal with for one more." She said.

"Ya I guess can we just start with the stretches." I said putting my head down sadly.

"Yes we'll start with trying to move bend you legs and see how far we get." She said grabbing a clipboard and pen.

We started with my legs and I never thought it would hurt so much to bend my knee's. We spent an hour just trying to make anything bend normally. The closest we got was having my knee bend at a 45 degree angle. When I got to the front I saw my parents waiting out front? 

"Mom, Dad what are you doing here?" I asked wheeling myself over to them.

"Kara we feel really bad and I feel bad for calling the cops and..." My mom trailed off.

"What your mothers trying to say is that we heard you just got into therapy and we want you to come back home." My dad said.

"Why would I come back? You almost sent my boyfriend and my best friend to jail." I said realizing I said boyfriend and putting my head down.

"Boyfriend?" My mom asked.

"It's nothing and why would I come back. I'm happy at Luke's." I said.

"We know you are but we really miss you Kara. I know we only stopped by when you knocked out but we felt bad please just come home." My dad said.

"I don't want to go back ok. You guys are never home as it is so how is coming back home going to make a difference." I said.

"Kara we'll put you first but please just come home." My mom said.

"Fine but we need to stop at Luke's and get my stuff." I said just wanting to get this conversation over with. I would have just left but I couldn't see Ashton anywhere.

We soon pulled up to Luke's house and my mom and dad helped me get out of the car into the wheelchair. I started wheeling to the front door and I realized my parents were following me.

"Mom, Dad I know you care but I need to do this alone." I said.

"Ok we'll be out here honey." My mom said sweetly.

I wheeled my way into Luke's house and I wheeled into his bedroom and saw he was just sitting on his bed watching t.v. 

"Oh hey Kara." He said sitting up to face me.

"Luke I need to tell you something." I said wheeling over to the side of his bed.

"What is it?"

"Well my parents showed up to the hospital and said they wanted me to move back in with them. I told them I would so I'm saying that I'm coming here to get my stuff." I said sadly.

"Why would you agree to it?" He asked.

"Because I had no ride. I couldn't find Ashton anywhere and I sure wasn't wheeling all the way over here." I said.

"Kara how I give you another option." He said.

"Luke there is no other option." I said. Then he grabbed my hands and I looked into his eyes.

"How we both get away from here." He said.

"What do you mean by that?" I asked.

"Like run away." He said.

"Luke how are we going to do that I'm in a wheelchair." I said indicating my set of wheels.

"If worst comes to worst we'll ditch the wheelchair and I'll just carry you." He said.

"Luke even if we did do that I still need to go to the hospital to be able to learn how to walk again." I said.

"We can still do that and if we get into another city we'll just start you therapy there. Please lets just go, and we wont tell anyone where we're going." He said.

"No one?" I said.

"No one it'll be our little secret." He said.

I thought about it for a minute before I made my decision. "Lets go." 

"Yes." He said kissing me. "Ok let me pack all my stuff and anything you need me to pick up just tell me." He said grabbing a bag and throwing random pairs of pants, shirts, sweaters and anything else he needed.

"Oh Luke can you grab me that sweater over there." I said pointing at a sweater on the chair for his desk.

"Kara this is my sweater." He said when he picked it up.

"I know but it's my favourite sweater and it's just so warm." I said.

"Here." He said handing it to me. Once he handed it to me I put it on.

"Ok so I have everything is all of your stuff packed?" He asked.

"Ya but Luke do we still need our phones?" I asked.

"Ya keep those for in case of emergencies and give me a sec. I know we may be running away but I still want to leave my mom a note." He said grabbing a piece of paper and a pen. He quickly scribbled down something and then he walked over to me.

"You ready to go?" I asked.

"Ya let me just put this on the kitchen table for my mom to see." He said. We went into the kitchen and he put the note on the table. And then he grabbed another bag and put some water and some canned food and a can opener.

"Ok I'm ready but Kara can we put the bag of food and water with you so it's not as heavy for me?" He asked.

"Ya it's fine but Luke what are we gonna do money wise?" I asked.

"Don't worry I've been saving my money since I was 8." He said.

"Is that going to be enough?" I asked.

"When I mean since I was 8 I'm even talking about my birthday and Christmas money." He said.

"Ok well lets go." I said. Luke opened the back door quietly and I wheeled out with Luke following behind me. We got to the edge of his backyard fence then we hit a fence. I looked up at Luke and he just gave me a smile and opened a gate that lead into the forest. I wheeled in and I don't know how long we went but we decided to stop when the sun had almost disappeared.

We made a little spot to lie down and Luke helped me down. I laid there and just stared up at the stars through the trees. Beside me I could feel heat coming I turned my head a bit and saw that Luke had made a fire and was cooking some soup.

"Hey Luke I was wondering what you put in that note for your mom." I said slowly moving onto my side to face him.

"I just said that you and I were running away and I told her to tell the guys that I was sorry for not telling them and that we could trust anyone." He said.

"I hope they don't feel to bad." I said.

"I don't think they will." He said.

"I hope your right anyways I wanted to say did you see the stars?" I asked.

"They're beautiful aren't they." He said looking up at them.

"Ya I've never really looked at them before and just looked at them." I said.

"Dinners ready." He said handing me the soup. I drank half and let him drink the other half. Once the soup was gone Luke put out the fire so it was just the embers and came and lied down beside me. He wrapped his arms around me and nuzzled his head into my neck.

"Love you Luke." I laughed.

"Love you too Kara." He said.

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