Just That Geek

Kara Richardson is you normal geek, her life is dedicated to school work and boring things like math. But she has a secret, her two best friend's happen to be part of the schools bad boy's. What will Kara do when one of the bad boy's start getting curious and want to learn more about Kara?


22. Chapter 21

Calum's POV

I turned my head and saw Kara get hit by that car. I quickly rushed over to her lifeless body lying on the ground. I looked up and saw the car that hit her drive away. I fumbled for my phone quickly calling 911.

"911 what's you emergency?" The lady asked me.

"My friend got hit by a car and I don't know if she's breathing." I said panicked.

"Ok sir you try to keep calm where are you?" She asked.

"I'm Yellow Street (I made this street name up) please hurry." I said.

"Ok the paramedics are on there way. Do you know where the car went?" She asked.

"No the car drove away and I couldn't get the license plate number."  I said.

"Ok sir I'm gonna talk with you till the paramedics get there." She said.

"No I need to call someone and tell them I need to hang up." I said.

"Ok but the paramedics should be there shortly." She said before I hung up. I quickly dialed Luke's number. I would have called her parents but I don't have there numbers.

"Hey Calum is Kara with you?" He asked when he picked up.

"Luke, Kara got hit by a car." I said.

"What?" He asked shocked.

"I shoved her away from me and the car came out of nowhere can you guys just please get here fast I don't wanna go to the hospital alone." I said.

"Ok we're coming now which way did you guys go?" He asked.

"We went left." I said.

"Ok we're coming." Luke said hanging up. I dropped my phone on the ground not caring what happened to it.

"Please Kara don't die." I whispered letting my self start to cry with the roar of sirens coming towards us in the background. I looked over and I saw the figures of the Luke, Michael and Ashton running towards us.

~1 month later~

Kara's POV

All I can remember is the bright headlights and a scream. I think it might have been me screaming but I don't know. Then I remember being engulfed in the darkness. 

I suddenly was able to hear the beeping of a heart monitor and other machines that beeped but I didn't know what they were. And then I felt myself slowly being able to open my eyes. Once my eyes were open I squinted a bit to be able to adjust to the light. 

I tried to lift my head up and look around but everything hurt. I put my head down and realized I had only lifted it up about a couple centimeters. Once I realized that moving wasn't an option my next choice was to try and talk but I had no idea how my voice was. Then I realized someone was holding my hand. I quickly squeezed the hand hoping to get someone's attention.

Soon I saw Luke standing over top of me. That's weird? I know I'm not on good terms with my parents but you'd think they'd still come to the hospital to check and see if there only daughter is still alive.

"Kara you're alive. We were worried, they put you in a coma and you been out for a month." He said relived.

"A month? Did my parents ever stop by?" I asked but it barely came out a whisper.

"Well they did once but they never said if they were coming back." He said quietly.

"Can I have some water my throat is really dry." I said. He handed me the cup of water and I grabbed it and chugged the whole thing not really caring how much pain I was in doing so.

"Hey Luke can I talk to Calum please?" I asked.

"Are you sure?" He asked.

"Yes I am. I just need to tell him something." I said.

"Fine he'll be here in a sec." He said before he exited the room. Soon Calum walked in and I could tell by his expression that he had been worrying.

"Kara you're awake!" He said happily.

"Ya I'm awake but I wanted to say I don't blame you for pushing me in front of that car." I said coughing a little bit.

"How do you not blame me? I shoved you in front of that car." He said stating the obvious.

"Yes but if I wouldn't have chased after you then you wouldn't have shoved me in front of that car." I said in defense.

"Kara this could go on forever so I'm just gonna save time by saying if I would have told you I like you before high school than none of this would have happened." He said.

I then realized I couldn't say anything in return so I gave in. "Ok Calum I'll blame you. Air quotes around blame you but on the inside I'm still not blaming you." I said.

"That's fine. Anyways how are you feeling?" He asked.

"Oh great ya know I can't move and everything hurts but besides that I'm amazing." I said.

"Great." He said sitting in the chair beside me just before a doctor walked in.

"Ms.Richardson I heard you decided to wake up." The doctor said.

"Ya I did but you can call me Kara." I said.

"Ok well than Kara when you got hit by that car it did some severe damage to basically everything below you torso and also some brain damage and some other stuff but that's just little things that shouldn't do any permanent damage." The doctor said flipping through pages on a clipboard.

"What do you mean by shouldn't do permanent damage?" I said soon realizing Calum was still in the room because he was holding my hand which I was ok with, because I was really scared what the doctor was going to say.

"Well the car shattered your legs and you died a couple times in surgery but we were able to bring you back. With your brain damage that was caused by getting hit by the car and also falling to the ground and hitting your head off the pavement. Also we were able to save your legs so you don't have to use any fake legs/" He said.

"Ok but um is there going to be any permanent damage?" I asked.

"Yes and no. You may have some difficulties with certain things because where you had the most brain damage it was in the part of your brain that controls your motor skills. So you may have problems with holding things or doing certain things like moving your arm to put food in your mouth that kinda stuff. Also you're going to be stuck in a wheel chair for 6 months or longer depends on how long it takes to heal. Then you'll spend 6 months or longer depends how well you do in physio therapy." The doctor said.

"So it may be less than 6 months for both too?" I asked.

"Yes if you heal fast then you won't be stuck in a wheel chair for long and if you work hard a the physio therapy then you could do it for less than 6 months but we may keep you in for 6 months at least just to make sure your good." He said.

"So do you know when she can leave?" Calum asked finally speaking up.

"Well she may be able to leave in about a week or two." The doctor said.

"Two weeks?" Calum asked surprised.

"It's just to make sure nothing changes in her vitals and make sure she's stable enough to go back home." The doctor said flipping all the pages back on the clipboard.

"Ok well thanks for the help." Calum said a little sad.

"Well I hope you guys have a good day." The doctor said smiling and walking out.

Once the doctor walked out I couldn't help it. I guess all the emotions from finding out my parents don't care enough about me to stay here and make sure I'm ok, and then finding out everything that's wrong with me and everything that comes with it. I just started to cry and I knew I couldn't stop once I stared.

"Kara it's ok." Calum said hugging me.

"It's not ok you heard everything he said. Nothings ever going to be the same again." I said not caring how much it hurt that he was hugging me.

"Please Kara don't cry you'll be fine once you get out of here and back into the outside world." He said.

"No I wont because even when I get out of here I'm still going to be stuck on bed rest and not be able to do anything. Why did I have to get hit by that car." I sobbed into his shoulder.

"Kara I'm getting Luke or someone because I can't stand being here right now." Calum said standing up.

"Why not?" I sniffled tears still rolling down my face.

"Because seeing you like this and how it feels like getting hit by that car ruined your life it just makes me feel like I should have been hit by that car and not you." He said and I could see the tears forming in his eyes.

"Calum I know you don't believe that." I said.

"Yes I do because if I hadn't pushed you wouldn't be here right now. I just can't do it." He said walking out of the room before he started to cry. Once he left Michael and Ashton walked in.

"Do you guys know where Calum went?" I asked trying to stop crying.

"No he said he just needed to get out of the hospital. What happened anyways I swear I've never seen him cry like that before." Michael said.

"He was in here when the doctor said everything about my recovery, and once the doctor left I started crying and complaining about getting hit by that car." I said.

"What else happened?" Ashton asked.

"He said he wishes he was pushed in front of that car instead of me. I told him he didn't believe that and he said if he didn't push me then I wouldn't be here and then he just left."  I said.

"Well I think Luke went a followed him to make sure he was ok." Michael said.

"Are you and Calum ok?" Ashton asked.

"I think so I told him I didn't blame him for pushing me in front of that car but he wouldn't accept that so I told him on the outside I blame him but not on the inside and he held my hand when the doctor was talking which I was happy he did." I said.

"Well I hope you guys are ok." Michael said then getting a text message.

"Kara we'd love to stay here with you but Luke said he needs help talking to Calum because he's not really listening to what he has to say." He said hesitating before he said that he's not really listening.

"Michael what did he really say?" I asked.

"I told you what he said." He said.

"No you didn't you hesitated. What did Luke really message you?" I asked.

"I told you come on Ashton we need to go." Michael said walking out the door Ashton following behind him.

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