Just That Geek

Kara Richardson is you normal geek, her life is dedicated to school work and boring things like math. But she has a secret, her two best friend's happen to be part of the schools bad boy's. What will Kara do when one of the bad boy's start getting curious and want to learn more about Kara?


14. Chapter 14

I woke up about two hours later and saw the guys sitting around the kitchen table and had ordered pizza. Since I took my contacts out and forgot to put on my glasses I was walking around blind. Then when I found the pizza I carefully walked over to the counter and sat on top of it.

"Kara can you see anything" Someone asked me but I couldn't see who.

"Ya I can see fine but who just said that?" I asked squinting my eyes to see if that would make my sight any better but it just made it worse.

Then I saw a figure walking towards me and saw them hand something towards me. I grabbed them and felt my glasses. I quickly put them on and saw Calum was the one who handed me my glasses.

"Thanks Calum." I said.

"No problem but um my parents said you have to find another place to stay. It's just that my parents say that ya know it's better if you work out your thing with your parents. So you either have to work it out or leave. And I know your not making up with them so I'm sorry. But I loved having you here. I really missed are sleepovers." He said sadly.

"It's fine I'll just get a hotel room or something like that." I said taking another bite of pizza. Then Luke stood up.

"Kara you can stay with me if you want." Luke said.

"Sure I'll just go pack all my stuff." I said finishing my one slice of pizza but leaving the other on the counter and jumping off.

I walked to Calum's room and packed all my stuff in my bag and put it at the end of Calum's bed. I walked out still wearing my glasses and went back to the kitchen to see my extra piece of pizza was gone.

"Guys where's my other slice of pizza?" I asked putting my hands on my hips. Everyone looked at Michael. I turned towards him and he just smiled. "You always take my other piece of pizza." I laughed.

"I know I do. It's a tradition." He said still smiling.

"But why though?" I asked.

"I don't know maybe because you eat like next to nothing and I just think it saves you from eating half the seconds piece of and throwing out the other half." He said seriously.

"Well you're probably right about the eating thing and the throwing the other half out part. So I guess thanks for eating my other slice of pizza." I said happily walking over to him and giving him a hug. He then tensed up I guess he wasn't used to me giving him hugs all the time.

"So Kara do you wanna quickly walk over to my house and we can drop your stuff off?" Luke asked.

I pulled away from Michael before I answered. "Ya sure lets go."

"Guys we'll be back in a little bit" Luke said walking out of the kitchen with me quickly running t grab my bag then trailing behind him.

"So Luke how far do you live from Calum?" I asked as we stepped outside in the bright sunny day.

"Not that far about two blocks." He said shrugging with his hands in his pockets.

"Well that's not that far." I said before I tripped over my laces and landed face first on the pavement.

"Kara are you ok?!" Luke said quickly coming to kneel down beside me.

"Ya I'm fine but my glasses are broken. Hey are we far from down town?" I asked trying to look through my now smashed glasses.

"About a ten minute walk. Why do you ask?" He asked helping me off the ground.

"Well my eye doctor knows I break my glasses a lot so we have a deal that we pay a monthly fee and I can get a new pair of glasses when ever I need them. So if we can walk there I can get a new pair of glasses." I said dusting of my pants.

"Sure just wait here I'll quickly run to my house and put your bag inside." He said taking my bag and staring to sprint. Within ten minutes he had returned panting and way out of breath.

"You really should join the track team."  I said to him.

"Nah I'm ok. So should we start walking?" He asked still panting.

"Ya but you're going to have to help me because I can't really see. Like I can see but there's to many cracks on my glasses so I can't focus." I said trying to get a good look at Luke because I couldn't see him at all.

"Ya sure grab my arm I'll lead you to the eye place." He said sticking out his arm out but I couldn't see where it was so I kept grabbing to far to the right. So after I did that for a while and he laughed at me he finally grabbed my hand and put it on his arm. 

"Thanks." I said as we started to walk.

"Kara how did this deal happen with your eye doctor any ways?" He asked guiding me around a corner.

"One sec I'm taking these glasses they aren't helping me at all." I said putting my glasses in my pocket before I continued. "And I got this deal because people knock my glasses off like I told you and usually they would break. So we came up with the deal so I can always get a new pair of glasses when ever I need a pair and are we almost there?" I asked.

"Kara we just started walking two minutes ago!" He said.

"You didn't answer my question are we almost there yet?" I said.

"Yes we're here. You walk faster than I thought." He laughed.

"Thanks now if I remember right we should be coming up to the dentist right?" I asked.

"Ya we're right in from of it now." He said stopping.

"Ok if I remember right walk down the side walk to the corner than turn left and the my eye glasses place should be all right." I said as we started walking again.

"Ya we're here so we just walk in?" He asked stopping again.

"Ya just walk in everybody in there knows who I am." I let go of his arm and first walked into the glass window then walked through the door. I saw one of the people who work there came up to me.

"You need a new pair of glasses don't you?" She asked.

"Ya um can you guide me back to the front door I kinda left my friend outside." I saw her nod and we stared to walk to the front door.

"Lukw you can come in I'm fine just wait in the waiting area I'll be out in a couple minutes." I saw his fuzzy figure walk over the waiting area and and I felt the girl walking me over to the eye exam room. A couple minutes later my eye doctor walked in.

"Ah Kara nice to see you again. New pair of glasses?" He asked.

"Ya I fell down walking and I just need a new pair of glasses." I said simply.

"Ok well my assistant will be in a couple minutes to bring you a new pair of glasses." He said doing something but I couldn't tell what. And like he said a couple minutes later his assistant walked in. She walked over and handed me a pair of glasses that look exactly like mine. I put them on and was finally able to see.

"So is that guy outside your boyfriend?" She asked. She was one of the youngest people who worked there and we had a pretty good friendship.

"No he's not my boyfriend. He's my friend but I do know he likes me but his best friend likes me to so I don't know if I'll date him." I said then she came and sat down beside me.

"You really should date him he's really cute." She said.

"I don't know maybe. But I'd better be going we have to get back to our friends house we told them we were just going to drop my stuff off at his house and they don't know we came her." I said standing up.

"Wait you're staying at his house to?" She asked standing up beside me.

"Ya there's this whole thing going on with me and my parents to much to explain. But ya I'd better get going I'll talk to you later." I said waving to her walking out of the examining room to the waiting room with my glasses on.

"Ya know you look really hot with your hair in that bun and those glasses on." Luke said as I walked towards him. I looked behind me and saw the girl I was talking to in the examining room and she was just staring at me smiling.

"Thanks but we better get going." I said walking to the front door waving behind me before I walked out. 

"So Kara have you thought about us dating yet?" He asked his hands in his pockets again.

"Ya I have but I still haven't come to a decision. I still have to think about if I want to date Calum and it's just a lot to think about. I'm sorry it's taking me so long." I said looking down at my feet my hands in my sweater pockets.

"It's fine just wanted to ask. And have you, Calum and Michael had sleepovers before?" Luke asked.

"Well ya. It was either I was sleeping over at Calum's house of Michael's house or there were the rare times when the three of us would all sleepover at Calum's house. It was really fun we would watch movies, have popcorn fights and we would always order pizza at like 2 in the morning. We were really weird." I said happily.

"Wow you guys sound like you were the best of friends." Luke said.

"We were I have a picture of the three of us when we graduated with them in there suits and me in my dress and them on the outside and me in the middle. We were really happy in the picture and I can understand why. I forgot how much fun we would always have." I said smiling. Luke smiled back and then he stopped talking so we had an awkward silence till we got back to Calum's house.

"Well we finally made it back to Calum's house and ya know it only took us about and hour and a half." He said looking at his phone.

"I really hope they're not mad at us." I said and as soon as we walked in we saw the three of them were waiting for us at the front door.

"Where were you guys?" Ashton asked.

"Ya that's kinda my fault. We were walking and like my clumsy self I tripped over nothing and broke my glasses. So we walked to my eye glasses place and got me a new pair of glasses because I smashed mine." I said shyly.

"Well then where's your bag?" Michael asked.

"That was me. When she fell I told her to wait here and I ran to my house and back. I actually did really good I was only gone ten minutes." Luke said happily.

"Um if you don't mind I think I'm going to take a nap." I said yawning.

"Kara are you ok?" Luke asked.

"Ya i'm fine why do you ask?" I said yawning again.

"Then why do you sleep so much?" He asked.

"I don't know I remember my doctor saying something about me sleeping a lot but I don't remember. I guess I'll go to the doctor at some point and go get it checked out but if you don't mind I'm going to sleep. And Calum I'm borrowing your bed again." I said walking away.

"Sure go ahead." Calum mumbled.

"Well if you don't want me sleeping your bed I'll sleep on the floor in the living room." I said walking to the living room and grabbing a pillow and a blanket and falling asleep in less than ten minutes.

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