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Kara Richardson is you normal geek, her life is dedicated to school work and boring things like math. But she has a secret, her two best friend's happen to be part of the schools bad boy's. What will Kara do when one of the bad boy's start getting curious and want to learn more about Kara?


13. Chapter 13

I woke up the next morning and saw Calum had already gotten up. So I got up and threw on one of the baggy sweaters I brought and walked put to the living room. I saw Calum sitting on the couch so I quietly came and joined him. I didn't think he noticed I was there till he started talking.

"I think there's something you should check out on the news." He said flipping to the news channel.

"Our big news story today." The news man said fixing his paper. "Lucas Hemmings, Michael Clifford, Ashton Irwin and Calum Hood sound like your average normal teenagers. But not today these four have been thought to be the kidnappers of Kara Richardson. Her mother called in late last night saying to be the reason her daughters missing. The police are still looking in..." He kept talking but I tuned him out after that.

"Kara you said your mom wasn't going to call the police." He said looking at me.

"I thought she wasn't. She's not the person to do that. I guess I'll be right back." I said getting up off the couch.

"Where are you going?" He asked.

"I'm calling the police to tell them it's all a lie." I said walking into the other room and taking my phone out.

"Uh hello this is the police right?" I asked.

"Yes this is the police what is your emergency?" The lady on the other line asked.

"Well it's not really an emergency but I have some information on the Kara Richardson case." I said.

"And what would that information be?" The lady asked.

"Well I would like to say I'm Kara Richardson-" I said before I was cut off.

"Well hang on a second your mom is in the office right now. She's been worried sick about you and-" Then I cut her off.

"No please don't put her on the line. That;s what I needed to talk to you guys about. Everything she's saying is a lie. I had a fight with my mom and I ran to my friends house. And my friends are Lucas Hemmings, Calum Hood, Ashton Irwin and Michael Clifford. The ones who supposedly kidnapped me. But they didn't I came here by choice. Well she didn't like that and called me and said she was going to call the cops and I said go ahead and try. And then I blocked her and my dad's number on the phone." I said quickly before she got my mom.

"So your weren't kidnapped?" She asked.

"No I wasn't but I thought you should know that it's all a lie." I said happy she understood what I was saying. 

"Well I guess we should get the five of you in here. We just need to have a simple lie detector test just to see your telling the truth and not being forced to say this." She said.

"Sure we'll come today at sometime." I said happily.

"Ok well we'll see you later than." She said happily hanging up. Once I put my phone in my sweater pocket I walked back over to the living room and sat beside Calum on the couch.

"So?" He asked when I sat down.

"I talked to the lady there and she said we just have to go in and take a simple lie detector test just to make I wasn't lying. But all five of us have to go in so we need to get the others soon because I said we would go today." I said.

"Oh well I'll text the guys and you can go get ready." Calum said taking out his phone.

"Ok I'll see you in a little bit." I said getting off the couch.

I walked into Calum's room and just through some clothes out. I didn't want to get dressed up to go to a police station so I just through on some baggy sweat pants and baggy sweatshirt and through my hair in a quick messy ponytail. I walked back out to the living room and Calum had just gotten off the phone.

"Even in sweats you manage to look hot." Calum said walking over to me.

"Shut up." I said looking up at him.

"It's true." He said hugging me. I laughed and hugged him back.

"I see you haven't changed much since we were kids." I laughed letting go of him from the hug.

"And what is that suppose to mean?" He asked staring at me.

"Well when we were kids you would always hug me. I don't know why you just would. Though when you and Michael would hug me I felt protected." I said.

"Well I guess that's why we hugged you. We knew you were an only child so you didn't have muvh protection than your parents." He said. We were both standing there awkwardly when we heard a knock on the door.

"I'll go get it it's probably the guys." Calum said pointing at the door.

"I'll come with you so we can just leave. Just give me a sec I have to get my shoes on." I said quickly slipping my shoes on.

Calum and I walked over to the door and opened it and we saw Luke, Michael and Ashton standing there with there hands in there pockets.

"So you guys ready to leave?" I asked. They all just nodded and we walked over to Ashton's car. I still don't understand why Ashton's the only one who can drive.

We showed up at the police station a couple minutes later. Once we arrived they took all of us into different rooms. I followed one and she took me into a room that had 'Interview Room 3' on the door. I got in and they hooked me up to the lie detector machine.

"So Kara we're just going to ask you some simple questions just to make sure the machine is working." The officer said and I nodded.

"Is your full name Kara Hailey Richardson?" He asked.

"Yes that is my full name." I said casually. 

"Ok so it seems the machine is working lets start then. So lets start with this question. Were you kidnapped by Lucas Hemmings, Michael Clifford, Ashton Irwin and Calum Hood?" He asked.

"No they did not kidnap me I went there by choice." I said casually. They went on to question me for a half-hour. I passed all my questions and I was waiting in the waiting room for the guys when I saw my mom. I quickly put my hood on hoping she wouldn't see me.

"Hailey your back. Your dad and I missed you so much." She said realizing it was me and coming over and grabbing my wrist.

"Let go of my wrist." My hood still on and not making eye contact with her.

"No we're going home right now." She said her grip on my wrist getting tighter and trying to pull me out of the chair.

"No mom I'm not going home with you." I said wiggling my wrist out of her grip.

"Yes you are." She said looking at me.

"No I'm not. I'm going back with my friends so if you wouldn't mind." I said pushing past her to 'Interview Room 2' which had one of them but I didn't know which. Soon Michael walked out.

"Oh hey Kara aren't you suppose to be in the waiting room?" He asked.

"No my mom is in there and she's trying to convince me to go home with her and I just want to leave without her noticing." Then Calum, Luke and Ashton walked out of there interview rooms and saw Michael and I talking and came over.

"Hey guys what's going on?" Luke asked walking over.

"My mom's here and I'm trying to avoid her. Wait I have and idea follow me." I said running towards an officer.

"Excuse me can you help us? My mom's trying to take me home but I'm not going with her could you help us sneak past her?" I asked the officer nodded and told us to follow him. We followed him and he stopped saw my mom wasn't paying attention and told us to run to the front door. We did and made it out without my mom seeing us. We ran to the car and once we got in we started laughing.

"Well that was fun." Ashton laughed.

"I know right can we go back now I'm kinda tired." I said yawning.

"Sure we'll be home soon." Ashton said starting the car and driving away. Once we got back to Calum's house I went and fell asleep in his bed letting them play video games or whatever while I slept.

I'm sorry it took so long to publish this chapter I've been really busy with school and other activities I do. But I hope you guys like the chapter :P

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