Just That Geek

Kara Richardson is you normal geek, her life is dedicated to school work and boring things like math. But she has a secret, her two best friend's happen to be part of the schools bad boy's. What will Kara do when one of the bad boy's start getting curious and want to learn more about Kara?


11. Chapter 11

I woke up suddenly feeling that someone had ripped the covers off of me. I barely open my eyes and see Ashton standing at the side of the bed looking at me.

"God have you never heard of shaking someone's shoulder." I said sleepily grabbing the covers again and covering my face. Again Ashton pulled them down.

"Sorry I was sent here to wake you up and this is how we wake up each other." He said.

"Yes but have you ever thought that I'm a girl and maybe I'm wearing a half top and a pair of booty shorts?" I said sleepily.

"Not really but nice choice of pyjama's but you really have to get up." He said.

"Fine I'll come meet you guys in the kitchen or whatever when I'm ready and I'm having a shower also do you know if Calum has a blow dryer?" I asked sitting up.

"Uh not I don't but I'll ask him." Ashton said walking towards the door.

"Tell me through the bathroom door because I'm gonna go step in the shower." I said getting up and following Ashton then turning towards the bathroom.

I turned on the water and stepped in and let the warm shower finally wake me up from my sleep. 'If my mom says I'm changing might as well embrace the change.' I told myself in the shower. I had a whole outfit planned to wear today and it's something that none of them will expect. Then I heard a knocking on the door.

"Hey Kara I talked to Calum he says he has a blow dryer it's under the sink." Ashton yelled through the door.

"Thanks Ashton." I yelled back. I soon finished my shower and dried the mirror. I used the brush I brought in with me and brushed my hair and then blow dried my hair. Once it was dry I walked back into Calum's bedroom. 

I looked through my bag and decided to wear a pair of light blue booty shorts I had and a white crop top that had MARVEL written in red on the front. I walked back to the bathroom and put my contacts in. I hadn't worn contacts for a long time but I decided to try them and see how I looked. I then did a waterfall braid and then I put walked back to the bedroom put my contacts in my bag and I started to walk down the hallway. Just before I walked in so everyone could see me I took a big breath and let it out as I started to walk.

I walked in and everyone turned around and they all looked surprised. Does this look no look good on me? I really shouldn't have changed my look.

"It doesn't look good does it." I said looking at my outfit upset at myself that I even thought I could pull off this outfit.

"No no you look great it's just we really didn't expect for you to ever wear something like that." Luke said.

"Ya why did you decide to change your look?" Ashton asked.

"Well my mom said since I started to hang with you guys I decided to embrace the change and go for a look that's more me and less of what my mom approves of." I said happily.

"Kara what about your glasses?" Michael asked.

"I know I've worn glasses since grade 2 but a couple months ago my mom bought me some contacts and I've never really worn them and I decided if I'm changing my look might as well try wearing contacts instead of wearing glasses." I said happily.

"Well I think we all like your look and we were wondering if you wanted to go play laser tag?" Michael said.

"Sure last time I played laser tag was when the three of us were friends and we would always go for Michael's birthday and it'd be just the three of us." I said smiling at the reminder of how much fun I had then.

"Ya Michael really liked laser tag. Ok that's a lie he still does." Calum laughed and we all joined him. Then I got a vibration in my back pocket. I took my phone out and saw it was from my mom.

"Guys I'll be back my mom's calling and I apologize in advance if there's any yelling." I said walking into another room. As soon as I answered the phone I got an ear full.

"Kara Hillary Richardson! You better come home right now!" She yelled.

"Why should I!" I yelled.

"Because I told you to!" She yelled.

"What gives you permission to tell me what to do!" I yelled I looked over and saw Calum peaking over at what was going on.

"Because I am your mother and you will do what I say!" She yelled.

"I'm practically an adult you can't tell me what I can and can't do!" I yelled.

"If you don't come home I'm calling the police and telling them your friends have kidnapped my daughter and they'll go to jail." She said not yelling this time.

"That's great then when they question me I'll tell them they didn't do anything and my mom made the story up so I would come home. Then you'll go to jail." I said smiling on the other end.

"You wouldn't. My mom said.

"Oh you know I would. Goodbye mom." I said hanging up my phone and throwing it a the wall. Luckily it didn't break.

"Kara you ok?" Someone asked but I wasn't really paying attention.

"Ya I'm fine." I said using my shirt to dry my tears.

"Then why are you crying?" Someone else asked.

"I don't I guess because she said she was gonna call the cops on you guys and say you kidnapped me so you guys would go to jail." I said.

"She isn't is she?" Michael said once I was able to focus better.

"No I told her if she did and when the police questioned me I'd tell them you guys did nothing and my mom only made it up so I'd come home." I said my tears stopping.

"Is your phone ok?" Luke asked walking over to my phone.

"Oh ya it's fine I drop it all the time it's fine see." I said picking it up and it turned on perfectly fine and everything worked fine.

"That's a pretty heavy duty phone. But can we leave now?" Michael wined.

"Ya we can go I'm fine. Just give me one second." I said looking at my phone and finding my mom and dad's phone numbers and blocking them. I didn't want them calling my phone any more. 

We all walked over to the car and Ashton got in the drivers seat, Luke sat in the front and Michael, Calum and I all sat in the back. And since I was smaller than both of them I had to sit in the middle. It was a pretty fun car ride. We listened to the radio and just talked about random stuff. I forgot how much fun having friends was. Once we finally reached the place for laser tag everyone seemed more excited and we were all just feeding of each others energy.

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