Just That Geek

Kara Richardson is you normal geek, her life is dedicated to school work and boring things like math. But she has a secret, her two best friend's happen to be part of the schools bad boy's. What will Kara do when one of the bad boy's start getting curious and want to learn more about Kara?


10. Chapter 10

"Hello?" Ashton said on the other end of the phone.

"Hey Ashton can you come pick me up?" I asked.

"Kara I just dropped you off at your house?" He asked confused.

"I know but my parents and I just got in a really big fight and I really don't want to stay here." I said.

"Ya sure I'll pick you up outside your house." He said almost hanging up the phone but I caught him before he did.

"No don't pick me up there. My parents know what your car looks like. You know where those lights are a couple blocks before my house? Pick me up there." I said quickly.

"Ya sure I'll be there in five minutes or so is that ok?" He asked.

"That's perfect I'll see you in a little bit." I said before I hung up.

I emptied my bag and stuck my laptop and laptop charger at the bottom. Once that was in I walked into my closet and I grabbed a couple pairs of T-shirts. I then saw I had some crop tops and grabbed some of those. I grabbed my rip skinny jeans and some denim short shorts. I walked into my bathroom and grabbed my hairbrush and toothbrush and toothpaste. I looked in my bathroom cabinet and saw I had some contacts. I decided if I was changing might as embrace the change with a new Kara. I realized I needed to grab my shoes. I stuck my head up against my door and heard my parents t.v on. I unlocked my door and stuck my head out and saw no one was downstairs. I quickly ran and grabbed my vans and ran back up to my room and locked the door behind me.

I quickly slipped them on and put my backpack on and I walked out onto my balcony. I looked down into the backyard and saw I had about a 10 foot drop. I sat on the edge of the balcony and pushed off and within seconds I was on my feet. I was proud of myself for landing on my feet but I didn't celebrate long because I knew I had to move fast so my parents wouldn't find out I ran away. I opened the gate and started to walk towards the lights. Once I saw the lights and Ashton's car in sight I started to run. I breathed out a sigh of relief once I was sitting in the car.

"So Kara what happened between you and your parents?" Ashton asked doing a U-turn.

"Well they said I wasn't aloud to hang out with you guys because you were being a bad influence on me. But what I don't understand is they told me to make friends and when I do I'm not aloud to hang out with them. It's just really stupid." I said holding onto my bag.

"Well I can understand why you wanted to leave." He said pulling up into the driveway.

"Thanks for picking me up." I said getting out of the car.

"No problem." He said as we walked through the door. Luke turned around and looked a little shocked.

"I thought you went home?" He asked walking over to us.

"I did but my parents and I had a fight I'll tell you about it tomorrow but I'll just say I'm not going back for a while so I just need a place to crash for a little while." I said.

"Well you can crash here we usually do." Luke said.

"Thanks and do you mind if I take Calum's bed?" I asked.

"No we usually pass out on the couch but you can take the bed if you want." Ashton said.

"Thanks well I'll see you tomorrow goodnight." I said.

"Goodnight." Ashton replied while I walked away.

I was walking and I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned around and felt a pair of lips on mine. The pair of lips quickly pulled away and I saw I was face to face with Luke.

"What the hell was that?" I asked.

"I really don't know." He said putting the other hand that wasn't on my shoulder behind his neck.

"Well I think I'm gonna go to bed." I said.

"Wait Kara you know I like you right?" He asked his hand still on my shoulder.

"Yes I do I also know Calum likes me. So if you wouldn't mind I'm going to bed." I said getting him to release me from his grip.

"Ok well I'll see you tomorrow." He said.

I walked into Calum's room and placed my bag on the bed. I took out my pyjama's. The top was a crop top that was a little tight and small for me. It was white with cat eyes, whiskers, nose and mouth so it looked like a cat face. The bottoms were a pair of short shorts that were also white with red poka dots but they were a soft material. I put my clothes from today in my bag and put my bag on the side of the bed on the floor. I got under the covers and snuggled up to them and fell asleep.

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