The change in my life

Amy willows, an average girl well not so average gets a chance to meet One Direction which is every directioner's dream right? But she's not that obsessed with them. What if a certain member stole her heart. The thing is that she's afraid in falling in love or even liking someone because of her terrible past. So do you think she'll get over her fears or will she ever open up to anyone? Or even if she gets to be with the person she loves, do you think there will be challenges or not? But love is always stronger then anything. Well read and find out what happens ;)


5. 5- One direction's house

Harry's POV

I'm really nervous yet excited. I really like Amy even though I have known her only for one day, there's something special about that girl, she's not like any others. Do she like me the way I like her?

I rush through my closet to wear something good. I really don't want to look like shit in front of a girl I want to impress. I wear my black jeans and and a T-shirt, I really can't think of anything else. When I'm ready I head to the main door where my four best friends are waiting for me.

"What took you so long harry, it's five fifty five already." Liam remarks and I glance at my wrist watch. SHIT.
I hurry to the car and the boys follow me. Zayn decides to come with me and Liam, Louis and Niall heads to Liam's car. I drive as fast as I can not breaking any law. I really don't want her to wait their and I definitely don't want any other guy in the restaurant staring at her because I know they will.

When we reach the restaurant, I take a deep breath.

"Relax man, I've never seen you like this before." Zayn says.

"Yeah, I am just a little nervous, I like her so much Zayn." I tell him.

"I know, we all know, maybe even she knows, just relax and be your self and please don't tell any silly joke." He laughs and I join him. We get out of the car and the other boys joins us.

When we get in the restaurant, I search for Amy's beautiful dark brown hair in this crowded place.

"There they are." Niall says from behind me. I follow his eyes at he end of the restaurant and there she's sitting with her friend wearing a beautiful black dress, she looks so pretty. I wish I could tell her how much I like her, I know I told her that we could be friends but I really want us to be more than friends but Amy doesn't seems like she would want me more than a friend.

"Harry?" Amy's sweet voice brings me out of my thought. It's takes me moment to realize that I am standing right in front of her, staring at her and everyone is staring at me. "hi!"

"Uh hi Amy, you look gorgeous." I complement her and she smiles a warm smile. I take a seat next to Liam so me and Amy are face to face now. Her friend is sitting next to her and she looks pretty too but not as much as Amy. No offence.

"Seems like we would have to beat boys all night for you ladies." Louis says and everyone laughs except Amy. Why?

We order some pasta and salad and before our food arrives we have to talk to each other and honestly I don't know what to say because I am lost in the most beautiful girl I have seen in front of me.

"So, what's the plan after dinner?" Amy asks us.

"We were thinking we all could go to Harry's place and have some fun if that's fine with you two." Zayn says

"Sure." Casey says in excitement. she's totally not like her friends, she's like one of those fans who gets crazy when they see us but I think she's a nice person if she's friends with Amy.

Out food arrives and we start eating. Amy tells us that she new in Vancouver and she'll be going to her new high school two days from now means Monday and we tell them all about our work and we came to Vancouver for a holiday month and that we really don't get free time for our selves these days and we want this month be the best one.

We pay the bill, actually Zayn pays the bill because we forced him to and we knew he would never regret in front of the girls. We get up from the table and walk towards the exit.

"I will be back in a minute." Amy says and walks away but I grab her by her elbow and drop it the minutes she stops and stares at me actually when everyone is staring at me.

"Where're you going?" I ask her. Ignoring the stares.

"The bathroom." she says as if its obvious.

"Oh." is all I say. She gives me a smile and walks towards the restroom. we all walk to the car and wait for her.

I tell the boys to go to our flat and take Casey with them and I make amy's friend sure that i wont let anything happen to her' I just want some free time with Amy. I can see Amy coming from the door so I walk towards her.

"Where is everybody else." she asks looking past me searching for others.

"Um actually they left." I tell her praying that she would believe me. "Niall was not feeling well so they took him home along with your friend."


"Yeah, is there anything wrong?" I ask her concerned by her worried expression.

"No! I guess, I don't know, it's just that it's been a while since I've been with a boy alone." she tells me as we reach my car.

"Oh, don't worry I won't hurt you."I try to make a joke but she doesn't laugh, she just smiles.

We sit in my car and I turn the radio on and there's our song playing on radio 'little things'. Cool

"I love this song." she tell me.

"Oh that's cool, are you a fan?" I really wanted to know.

"Um yeah, a big fan but it's kinda awkward that I just had dinner with my favorite band and now I'm driving home with my favorite member." she cover her mouth with her hands as soon as the words leave her mouth but it's too late, I heard her. I am her favorite member. can this day be any better?

"I'm sorry, I really don't know how to act around you, it's really a new thing to me."

"You act perfect." I assure her and she gives me a smile that I totally adore.

The rest of the ride goes in silence, an awkward yet comfortable silence.
When we reach my flat, Liam's car is parked in the lot so that makes sure they're inside. I quickly shut down the car and run to the passenger door to open it for Amy. She climbs out the car and we walk into he house together.

Amy's POV

We into the house together. I still can't believe I just had dinner with one direction and now I'm going into their house. Harry rings the doorbell and Louis come out wearing green Bermudas and white T-shirt.

"Here you are, we thought you two wouldn't be back tonight." he teases. I smile and harry gives him a quick high five and guides me into the house his hand place on my back. the flat is really beautiful from outside and is the same from inside. Harry guides me to the living room where I can see Casey sitting next to NIALL on black leather couch talking to him. Zayn and Liam are sitting on the couch opposite from casey. Her eyes meet mine and she smiles but her expression changes and her eyes go wide when she watches behind me and before I know I am totally soaked in water. What the hell!

Everyone laughs excepts me and and Harry. "What the heck was that?" Harry shouts at Louis when I am trying to get rid of the water dipping down my face.

"Calm down dude, it was a joke, I was just trying to-" before he can finish, Harry takes my hand and leads me out of the living room. I can still hear laughing voices from in there.

He opens the door which appears to be his room and locks the door behind me and him. I have to stay as far away from harry as I can. I know he don't have any bad intentions but still.
The thing that surprises me is that he's the first boy after 2 years I'm feeling comfortable with, that's a change in me.

"I am sorry for what Louis did," he brings me out from my thought "your completely soaked." obviously I'm completely soaked, he threw a full bucket GODDAMN water on me.

"I have some cloths if you want." he says and walks towards his closet bringing out some black sweatpants and white T-shirt. He hands me his cloths and leaves the room giving me enough space to change into his cloths.

I take my dress off leaving my body in my bra and panties. Before I can put Harry's cloths on, I feel hands wrapped around my waste. Somehow I know it's harry but I don't stop him. What's wrong with me? My back is against his chest, he starts kissing my neck line and moves his hands up and down my stomach. I'm frozen at this point. Harry's hands move a little down my stomach but he stop just at the spot, I was worried about. He traces my scar before turning me to face him.

"How did it happen?" he asks, concern filled in his eyes.

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