The change in my life

Amy willows, an average girl well not so average gets a chance to meet One Direction which is every directioner's dream right? But she's not that obsessed with them. What if a certain member stole her heart. The thing is that she's afraid in falling in love or even liking someone because of her terrible past. So do you think she'll get over her fears or will she ever open up to anyone? Or even if she gets to be with the person she loves, do you think there will be challenges or not? But love is always stronger then anything. Well read and find out what happens ;)


4. 4- Dinner tonight?

Amy's POV

"Amy?" He says and walks towards us.

"Uhm hi?" are the only words I can think of now. "what'd you doing here?"

"I-I don't know," I can see Casey's mouth on the floor from the corner of my eye."I just saw you so I would be nice to talk to you again."

"Again?" Casey asks, confusion filled in her eyes. I give a 'ill explain everything later' look and she nods.

"Um yeah, what's up." I really don't know how to tackle this, a huge star is standing in front of me, talking to me and I am just standing here like a fool. Why is it happening to me before exams? I can see four other boys coming from the door and it takes me a second to recognize them. it's Zayn Louis, Liam and Niall.

"Harry, where were you? we were looking all ov-" Liam says but stops when he sees me.

"You must be Amy right?" NIALL asks me an I nod. I can see Casey's jaw parted from her scull now.

"How do you know?" Casey asks them.

"Are you kidding me, harry won't shut up all night. He told us each and everything about this girl and now I know why." Zayn tells Casey and smirks at me. I can see harry shooting him a warning glare and he smirks.

"Oh." is all that came out from my mouth. "I think we should go." I look at Casey and she nods. Our manicures are done and my hair cut is still left but I don't want this situation to turn into even more awkward then it is already. I can't take their full attention on me. I can still see a crowd of girls waiting for them to return and here I am talking to them alone. I'm nothing but a fan and I want to act like one but even that seems silly at this moment so the best we can do is go away from them because I don't want their fans to think anything wrong about me.

"What? No! you can't just go now I mean," harry takes a deep breath "we can have dinner together at my place tonight?" he offers but their is much more behind his words. I really can't have dinner with someone on whom thousand of girls are waiting outside. I really want to thought but I can't.

"Um I-I don't think it's a goo-" I can fell Casey's hand on my shoulder.

"Sure, we would love to come." Casey says and gives Niall a massive smile and he does the same. "what time do you want us there?" I shoot her a glare but she ignores it. I can feel Harry's eyes on me all the time.

"That's great, we will pick you up from your places at six, so that we have time to talk, if that's okay with you ladies!" NIALL says and I still feel Harry's eyes on me and when I turn to face him, he quickly turns away and I hear Liam chuckle.

"I um I don't think you guys should pick us up, you know it's....awkward. We'll meet you wherever you decide." I quickly remark. the last hung I want right now is some paparazzi following them to my house and make some stupid story out of it.

We decide to meet at MR GREEK restaurant at six tonight because somehow it's Casey's favorite restaurant.

"Oh my god, I can't believe that one direction invited us for dinner." Casey shrieks in excitement the minute we reach our car in the parking lot. I start the car and Casey reaches for the passenger seat. I pull my car out from the lot and in the freeway. It's already four so we only have less then two hours to get ready.

"Yeah, me too." I say to her no excitement in my voice. I am excited really excited to go to the dinner with one direction and my best friend but something is bothering me and don't know what that is. There could be two reasons, maybe it's because I am not around boys usually and going with five super star and handsome boys is a new thing to me and the reason could be-"

"So how do they know you?" Casey brings me out of my thoughts before I could come to the second reason.

"Yesterday outside the nightclub, harry ran into me but apologized and then asked me for my number but I never give my number to any boy even if he's a superstar so he gave me his number to contact him whenever I want to and then today here he was with other boys in the mall and they asked us out." I am out of breath after a Long explanation and I can see a grin on Casey's face.

"He gave you his number? oh my god, Why didn't you tell me?"

"Because I knew you won't believe me, even I don't believe it, it's just happened so.......quickly.!" I tell her the truth and park my car in front of her house.

"Yeah anyway,but there's one thing I want to tell you." she faces me and tries to hide her smile.

"What's that?" I ask

"Harry has a crush on you." She giggles and I choke on my own breath.

"What? No! Of course not, why would he have a crush on me out if all the pretty girl in the world?"

"C'mon, you know he likes you, the way he was looking at you all the time shows that." she says, a massive smile covering her face, she's really pretty and a really nice person but full of gossip.

"He was just being nice and he just wants me as a friend, and I don't care about boys so much, I told you that.

" I say to her and give her a smile.

"Yeah right, okay I think I should go now, I have to make some kind of excuse to my mum to let me go out tonight and yeah, be ready at five thirty, I'm gonna come and pick you up." she says and climbs out of my car, I give her one last wave and pull my car on the road.


When I reach my house, The garage is open and my mother's car is not in there, maybe she's at work so I park mine in it. I'm thankful that my mom isn't home and i don't have to explain my self wherever I'm going. Its a good thing that it's Friday today. I hate party's or hanging out with friends at weekdays. I run into the house and close the door behind me. I drink some water and head to my room and quickly decide what to wear. Before i know I am wearing a black dress which just comes a little above my knees. I saved this dress for some special occasion and going out with my favorite band is an occasion. My black dress is covered in sparkly silver stars and it's sleeve less. I wear my diamond necklace which my mother gave me on my 17th birthday a few days ago. I slip on my silver heels and curl my hair from the ends. I don't bother to put on much makeup, I just put on a little mascara and lipgloss. After few minutes, the door bell rings and I rush through my things and grab my sparkly clutch. I run through the hall and walk down the staircase. The door bell rings again and I shout for whoever is at the door that I am coming. I finally open the door finding Casey wearing a beautiful magenta dress and black heels. Her blonde hair are perfectly straight and smooth and for the first time she's not wearing so much markup. She looks so pretty.

"What?" she asks with a sweet smile. Maybe she noticed me staring at her. Sometimes I'm jealous of her natural beauty. I know I'm attractive enough but my friend is just so perfect.

"Nothing, you look gorgeous." I compliment and her smile grows.

"So do you, actually you look much more gorgeous than me." She says and I thank her. We walk to her car and drive to the restaurant. This is the first time I'm feeling....nervous meeting boys. I never cared about boys after the worst incident in my life. Even when I think of that I feel nauseous. I wish this night would go well.

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