The change in my life

Amy willows, an average girl well not so average gets a chance to meet One Direction which is every directioner's dream right? But she's not that obsessed with them. What if a certain member stole her heart. The thing is that she's afraid in falling in love or even liking someone because of her terrible past. So do you think she'll get over her fears or will she ever open up to anyone? Or even if she gets to be with the person she loves, do you think there will be challenges or not? But love is always stronger then anything. Well read and find out what happens ;)


3. 3- The mall

Amy's POV

"Amy, Amy wake up" Casey shakes my body and my eyes flew open. It takes me a minute to realize that I'm not in my room. We are in a hotel room room. My head still hurts from the amount of alcohol I drank last night. I barely remember anything except for meeting harry outside the nightclub, HARRY.

"What?" Casey asks in confusion.


"You just said, harry." she says, amusement fill in her voice.

"Um oh yeah, never mind, so what's the plan?" I ask her. I really don't wanna tell her about harry, I'm sure she won't believe me.

"Well, I was thinking that we can go to our houses and get ready and then we can go to the mall or something."

"Sure, lets go." I say and go to the bathroom to be a bit fresh before I go out.


I run straight to my room the minute I reach my house, I don't want my mother to see me right now and ask me any questions. I dropped Casey at her place so I have to get ready as fast as possible and get her. I decide to wear my yellow tank top and jeans. I comb my hear and tie them into a ponytail. The last thing I want to do right now is wear some make up so I just put on a little mascara and some lip gloss. When I'm ready I make my way to the kitchen to eat something and then I head to my car.

"You look gorgeous girl, I'm sure that every boy will flirt with you today and maybe you can find your love." Casey comments am hugs me.

"Casey, you know how I feel about boys and I know I would never fall in love with anyone because I'm not like you and Brendan." I tell her and its true. I never had any feeling for any boy. I know I'm attractive but thats how I am.

"Yeah yeah, okay let's go" she jumps up and down. Casey loves shopping and making boyfriends and all that and I wish I was like her.

Harry's POV

"Hurry up harry" Louis shouts from outside my room. We decide to go to the mall to buy some cloths. We all were so busy in the past few days that we never had time to go shopping or anything and now that we are free for one whole month, we want it to be the best month of our lives. I wear some blogs in which no one could tell who I am. The last thing we want today is to be the centre of attention. I wear my black jeans and and black hoodie and my sunglasses. I make my way to the front door to wait for Louis. After few minutes Louie comes down wearing red pants and white strips T-shirt and sunglasses and at the same moment there's a knock at the door and Zayn, Niall and Liam enters the door.

"What's up guys?" we greet each other and head towards our cars. Me and NIALL decides to go in my car and Zayn, Louis and Liam decides to go in Zayn's car.

Once we arrive to the mall, there are so many people here. We were trying our best to not get any attention to ourselves but a small fan saw Louis and started screaming and jumping up and down and now each and every girl in the mall is screaming and asking for autographs and pictures. We do like all this attention and we all love our fans but we're really tired today and we wanted to rest a bit but now we have to do what our fans wants us to do.

"Harry, will you marry me?"
"I'm your biggest fan NIALL."
"I love you Zyan."
"I love your hairstyle, Louis."
"Can I have your autograph Liam."

These are all the things I can hear from our fans. During signing autographs my eyes stops on a girl at the far end of the crowd and it takes me a second to realize its Amy but what surprises me is that she's not in the crowd asking for autographs or anything. She passes the crowd and makes eye contact with me, giving me a small smile then turns to her friend. My heart starts racing and I give her a smile in return. I see her going into a salon and my heart stops. I really wanted to talk to her but now she's gone.

"What's on your mind dude, you look......worried?"NIALL asks me.

"Oh it's nothing" I give him a fake smile and and continue signing autographs.

Amy's POV

We enter the salon shop and Casey turns to me with her jaw on the ground.

"What the hell was that?" Casey asks me the moment we enter the salon. We came here to be a bit relax before our exams but I don't think harry would let us as long as he's here.


"Are you kidding me, out of all the girls right in front of him, he focused on you even from far away and you weren't even in that crowd for autographs or any other shit." She shouts in my face in disbelief.

"I thought you loved one direction." I challenge her.

We tell the lady to do our manicures and I really needed a good haircut for so long. We keep our conversation going meanwhile a young lady do her work. "

"Of course I love them but it's just so you need to tell me something?"

I sigh"okay so you won't believe me but yesterday ni-" I'm interrupted by Harry's deep voice.

"Amy?" he says and walks towards us.

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