The change in my life

Amy willows, an average girl well not so average gets a chance to meet One Direction which is every directioner's dream right? But she's not that obsessed with them. What if a certain member stole her heart. The thing is that she's afraid in falling in love or even liking someone because of her terrible past. So do you think she'll get over her fears or will she ever open up to anyone? Or even if she gets to be with the person she loves, do you think there will be challenges or not? But love is always stronger then anything. Well read and find out what happens ;)


2. 2- Bumping into Harry

 Chapter 2

 Harry's POV 

I'm walking down the sidewalk and I honestly don't know where I'm going right now. I told Niall that I would be back in a while. They all were sitting in a living room of mine and Louis's flat playing some boring game and I really had to get out of there. I plan on going to the nearest nightclub and hide in there before any of my fans could see me. I love being around my fans but not right now. A few minutes later I see a building full of lights. I think it's some sort of a night club so I walk straight to it. Outside the building, I see a board saying "CUPIDS NIGHTCLUB", such an awkward name though. Just before I can go inside, I run into someone and they fall down on the hard ground.

"Watch where you're goi-" I stop myself after realizing that it's a girl, a really gorgeous girl.

"I-I'm sorry" she stammers and I offer to pull her up.

"No, I'm sorry I-I was not watching where I was um going" my voice breaks. I never felt this way before in front of any girl before. She's so beautiful.

"It's okay. Wait...I think I, I don't know maybe I-"she searches for words. I know she found out who i am.

"Shh, it's harry, harry styles" I wait for her response, but she just nods.

"I think I knew" she says, so clam.

"Wait..what! Arn't you gonna scream, ask for my autograph, take pictures with me or convince me to become your husband?"I know it's sounds silly but it's what usually my fans do. Maybe she's not the fan then.

"Nope, why would I ask you to become my husband?" She laughs, her voice is soo beautiful that I want to hear it all night.

"Oh, I don't know, I jus-"

"I mean" she interrupts me, "harry styles is standing in front of me, talking to me, I don't know what to do so I'm just staying calm." She laughs again and I join her.

"I'm Amy, Amy Willows." she introduces herself.

"It's really nice to meet you Amy" I shake her hand with mine. Her hands are so soft and gentle."so, what'd you doing here."

"Oh my gosh, I almost forgot I had to go inside, my friends booked the night club for our party, they all must be waiting for me" she tell me in a worried voice.

"Oh, that's great" I say to her. She nods with a smile and walks away but I grab her arm to stop her and she stares at me, after I realize, what I'm doing I drop her arm and I'm sure that my cheeks are turned into the deepest shade of red.

"Is something wrong?" She asks with a smile.

"Uhm no, I mean yes, actually I was wondering if I can have your phone number or something, we can be good...friends" I really want us to be more then friends but for now it's fine and I just met her for god sake.

"I don't think I can give you my number, you're still a........stranger for me." she tell me, a massive smile covering her flawless face.

"O-okay, so maybe you can um have mine, so that whenever you wanna talk to me you can call me."

"Uh sure" she accepts my offer and and i kindly give her my phone number and she promises me to call me whenever shell have free time and walks away. I keep standing here, smiling like a fool and my mind keeps processing what just happened. I never saw a girl like her before so it's a bit awkward for me. Usually girls ask me for my number and I never gave it to anyone, yet I just gave my number to a girl who never asked me for it.

After few seconds of standing there I prefer better going back to my flat now, because this nightclub has already been booked and I don't wanna walk anymore so it's better if I just go back.
I turn on my heels and head to my-our flat.

Amy's POV

Wow, Did i just run into Harry Styles? I can't believe it and he just gave me his number. I am not that much if a crazy fan but I still kinda like On direction, not like Casey of course. She gets crazy when it come to One Direction. I think harry was so sweet and kind but I don't know for sure. People always pretend they're nice but from from inside, they're completely opposite to it and I know he was just flirting with me, Casey told me a lot about him such as he's the biggest flirt on the planet.

"Where were you, girl." Casey asks the minute I enter the nightclub. I am still trying to make sense of whatever just happened. I can't believe I just met harry styles and he gave me his phone number, it's unbelievable.

"Uh I um, a stranger just ran into me." I decide not to tell her about harry yet and even if I did, she won't believe me, who am i kidding? even I can't believe it.

"Whatever, LET THE PARTY BEGIN" Casey shouts to the crowd of students.
She's wearing a tight purple dress which seems like leather with long leather boots underneath it. Her blond hair are fixed into perfect waves and she's wearing tons of makeup. I can never be like Casey, even if I try, she's so free about her life, and she love parties like these. I sit on one of the couch at one side of the club. I can see Casey coming towards me.

"C'mon Amy, it's a party not some freak show at church." She shouts over the loud music.

"I-I'm I, you know me, I'm not that much into these parties." I tell her the truth.

"I know but I promise you one thing that this night will be the best night for you." She says and hands me a drink. I don't drink but Casey will make me in either way so I don't argue. The liquor burn down my throat but it's really relaxing.

After five drinks, I feel like I'm quite drunk. Casey force me to dance a bit. After Casey gets tired of flirting with boys, we head to my car, Casey never bought her car so she comes with me.

When we arrive to Casey's house, the main door is locked, she forgot to bring her keys with her so now we have nowhere to spend our nights. Casey decides to go to some hotel so a agree with her.

Harry's POV

"Okay man okay, we got it, now have a drink." Niall says annoyed by my explanation about that girl I just met.
I told them each and everything about Amy, about her eyes, her hair, the way she talks, everything. I just can't get her out of my head.

"So, when are we going to meet her?" Zayn asks, taking a shot of his drink.

"I don't think we're going to meet her, until she calls me her herself." I tell them the truth. I don't know she'll call me or not but I wish she would.

"What! C'mon you like her so much and you don't even know that you're going to meet her again or not, that's insane" Louis complains. He's right but I didn't know what to do at that moment, I was so lost in her and she didn't even give me her number. I wish I get one more chance to meet her again.

"I know guys, but I didn't know what to do at that moment," I tell them and stand on my feet "I'm going to bed.

I keep my eyes on my mobile screen, waiting for her call and finally I realize that she would never call me just like that, she barely know me. The tables had changed, usually girls are mad for me and I'm trying to avoid them but now I'm like that, it really doesn't make sense and before I know I'm finally asleep.

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