The change in my life

Amy willows, an average girl well not so average gets a chance to meet One Direction which is every directioner's dream right? But she's not that obsessed with them. What if a certain member stole her heart. The thing is that she's afraid in falling in love or even liking someone because of her terrible past. So do you think she'll get over her fears or will she ever open up to anyone? Or even if she gets to be with the person she loves, do you think there will be challenges or not? But love is always stronger then anything. Well read and find out what happens ;)


1. 1- The party planning

(Hey everyone. thank you so much for reading this book. please forgive me for the spelling mistakes, i type so fast so i make mistakes.ENJOY:))



Chapter 1

"Amy?" my mother shouts from downstairs, "dinner's ready, honey."

"Coming mom" I quickly reply and remove my books from my lap. My first day of high school starts three days from now. I miss my old high school friends. I hate changing schools and but I have to almost every five months later. This place is totally new for me. I always wished to come here and live in Vancouver but the school changing stuff is just not my thing.

I send a quick text to my best friend, actually my only friend here who's my neighbor about the party tonight. Me an my mom just shifted to Vancouver one week ago. Casey was the first person I saw in front of my house. She introduced her self to me and then we became friends, she told me that I would love the school but that's what I'll see. Casey invited me to he party at the night club tonight she and her friends booked. I run down the stairs and into the kitchen.

"I won't be having dinner with you tonight." I inform my mom before drinking a glass of water.

"Why?" she asks dramatically. I cant tell her about the party, she would never let me go there, especially when I barely know anyone here.

"Um, Casey called me to come over to her place she wanted to tell me something's about school so that I'll be ready when I go there." I lie, I'm really bad at lying, I hope she believes me.

"Oh that's great honey but it's only seven, when would you be back?" She asks before smoothing her hair.

"I, um I don't know, maybe I won't be back tonight" why did I just say that, what if I have to come back tonight?

"Oh, okay then, have fun" she says and walks away. My mother is a doctor, a highly paid doctor. Usually she not home but when she is, she makes sure that I am having a good time. She's a wonderful women. I run straight to my room and call Casey.

"What's up girl" Casey asks, humor fill in her voice.

"Nothing much, I just lied to my mom that I'm coming over your place to know more bout my school and maybe I'll be there all night."I tell her. "Can I stay at your place tonight after the party?"

"Sure, my parents won't be back until tomorrow so you can sleep here."She laughs.

"Thank you so much."

"Its okay, are you excited for the party? Casey shrieks.

"Oh yeah very, anyway I've never been to a night club before and my mother will loose it if she comes to know"

"Chill girl, she will never know, now hurry up and get ready, its 'seven thirty' already and I want it to be the best party of tour life." She tells me. I'm sure she's really excited about it, and I don't want to ruin it for her.

"Oh okay, thanks."

"Yeah, now quit talking and get ready, I'll meet you at the night club down the street." she shrieks again and cut the line.

I wear my royal blue, knee length dress. It has quarter sleeves and collar neck with fake diamonds around it. I wear a light makeup and put on my black heels. I curl my dark brown hair from the edges and I am ready.

I don't want my mother to see me like this, obviously no one goes for a sleep over like this so I tip toe out of my room and walk downstairs in the living room and out of the main door.
I start my car and drive straight to the night club.

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