Dear Author *ON HOLD*

Please just read the first chapter to get all the details, but this is many letters to our favorite authors!


6. Skye Luna Everdeen - Veronica Roth

Dear Veronica Roth,

Beatrice. Tobias. Christina. Uriah. Peter. Zeke. Caleb. Divergent. Insurgent. Allegiant.


I can't stop thinking about these characters and books. It's a good thing. I don't want to stop. People can call me obsessive and (Shoot...I can't think of another word...), but your characters, plots, books and settings inspire me. 

I have read and reread The DIVERGENT Trilogy. I have seen the movie once, and really want to see it again. These books have touched my heart, but one question... *SPOILER ALERT* Why?! Why Uriah? Why Tris? Some people hate the ending but I don't. Books like this need to have that perfect balance of action, adventure, humor, romance and sadness. You have found that balance.

I wish you could actually read this, no scratch that, I wish I could tell you this. I look up to you, for you are my inspiration. Thank you so much!!!

Your number one fan,

Skye Luna Everdeen

P.S. Please please please write a fourth book! Please!


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