Dear Author *ON HOLD*

Please just read the first chapter to get all the details, but this is many letters to our favorite authors!


2. SeaweedBrain Shadownight - Rick Riordan

Dear Mr. Riordan,

Wow. What can I say? Well, let's put it like this:

Percy Jackson may be a Hero.

Hazel Levesque may be a Hero.

Leo Valdez may be a Hero.

But Mr. Riordan, you are my Hero.

I have read everything you've written, the Percy Jackson, Heroes of Olympus, Kane Chronicles, even your the 39 Clues, and every time I read your work, no matter if it's the first or millionth time, it continues to amaze me.

Your writing is so inspiring. You keep a perfect balance of humor and seriousness; a perfect balance of fiction and history. And even though your books are continuous action, it is always at a perfect pace; the pace that won't let you peel your eyes from the page no matter how late in the night it is.

I know that everyone complains about it, but I think it is insane that you manage to pull of a book a year. I for one cannot wait for Blood of Olympus,and if you actually finish early, well let's say that would be a blessing from the gods.

You are by far my favorite author, one whose works I often read over for inspiration, and possibly because I prefer those characters' lives to my own. Someday I hope that I can write to a potential close behind yours, as I know I have no chance of ever being better, or even just as good as you.

The fan that struggles to wait patiently for your next work,

MNM (SeaweedBrain Shadownight)

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