Dear Author *ON HOLD*

Please just read the first chapter to get all the details, but this is many letters to our favorite authors!


15. MahoganyPumpkin - R. J. Palacio

Dear R. J. Palacio,

You are something of a miracle where I'm concerned. Or should I say, a wonder?

Speaking of miracles, I think it would be fitting to talk about August: the strongest character I have ever walked in the footsteps of. And do you know what makes him so strong? It is not the fact that he has a double-dose of a mutated gene, oh no; it is the way that he learns to believe, the way that he learns to hold his head high despite the way his face looks. No-one loves him in sympathy and no-one will ever do so. Because you were brave enough to stand your ground in the rushing river of hushed-up issues and make sure that the rest of the world understood his position. There is no word that can sum that up. 

Moving on, I would like to focus on Summer. If that girl had a garden, she would be growing the coolest beans ever (see what I did there?). Summer's bravery is so innocent and understated in a way that makes it even more special. Because she doesn't realise how brave she is - she just gets on with it. August is having the worst time until Summer comes along and just talks to him. No fake smiles, no sympathy, just pure friendliness and that friendliness, in the end, saves Auggie. She, like you, stood up to all the bullies without even saying a word to them; all she had to do was say a word to August. That word is the only one to sum up her bravery.

Finally, linking back to wonder, I want to express my adoration for the entire book. The plot so beautifully describes the sorrows of discrimination and the power of friendship. It details the horrors of bullying and the haven that is kindness. But most importantly, it tells the truth. You, R. J. Palacio, are the only writer ever to have done that for me. So I have two words now - not the same non-existent word that sums up your bravery, or the one word that describes Summer's friendship, but another two: Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.

- MahoganyPumpkin


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