Dear Author *ON HOLD*

Please just read the first chapter to get all the details, but this is many letters to our favorite authors!


8. HermioneKatnissTris-Veronica Roth

Dear Veronica Roth,


Can I just say, you are AMAZING!!!!!!!! 

After I read Divergent, I was speechless because it was so fantastic and I didn't think any book could take over my old favourite book but Divergent has!!!! You are so amazing and I can't believe someone could be so talented and just fantastic at writing!!! You are, also, one of my favourite authors and Divergent has inspired me!!! 

I love how you made the book so tense and extraordinary and so gripping. I read 12+ chapter on a school night because I just couldn't leave it, waiting for the next day. I haven't read Insurgent....YET....but I defiantly am!!!!! 

Keep writing, you are brilliant.


Wishes and luck for the future, HermioneKatnissTris xxx 

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