Dear Author *ON HOLD*

Please just read the first chapter to get all the details, but this is many letters to our favorite authors!


13. Evelyn Shadownight - J.K Rowling


   Dear Joanne Kathleen Rowling,

                                                         I don't know where to begin, you are just so amazing. Okay, I cannot end my fit of squealing right now, for even though I am not seeing you face-to-face I am just so excited and also slightly confused as to how I am managing to type this without any spelling errors whilst jumping about in my bedroom like a lunatic. Well, I suppose I had better write this properly now. 

          I absolutely adore your Harry Potter books, they are the best thing I have ever read, and I just can't stop reading them, the temptation is to much. I pretty much base my life around Harry Potter, and own the Elder wand (I used expelliarmus on my cousin who had it, and she actually gave it to me). I have a full shelf of a bookcase for all my Harry Potter books, films and general merchandise. My favourite houses are, in order; Ravenclaw, Slytherin, Hufflepuff and Gryffindor. Your books mean so much to me, and I feel like it is the world I belong in, either the world of books, or the wizarding world. I seriously love you and your book (but not in the creepy way) and really wish that you would write more of the Harry Potter series like from when Harry and Ginny's kids go to Hogwarts.

           I did a talk on my favourite books recently for English, and of course, I spoke about Harry Potter. The talk lasted for nearly thirty-five minutes (34 minutes and 53 seconds to be precise) and I couldn't talk for nearly as long as I wanted to. I really, really love Harry Potter (as I have said a million times before) and just want to let you know one interesting fact about me...



           Anyways, I had better stop typing now, or I will end up turning this into a very long one-way conversation, so good bye for now!

           Yours Sincerely,

         Evelyn Supergal Hermione Winky Helen Athena Rowena Dobby Alite Shadownight


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