Dear Author *ON HOLD*

Please just read the first chapter to get all the details, but this is many letters to our favorite authors!


12. Ahlaam Nightshade - Markus Zusak

Dear Mr. Zusak,


            I cannot begin to explain the impact you have on my life.

The impact Liesel has on my life.

The impact The Book Thief has on my life.

You,and your book changed my life in one of the most drastic ways possible. That [not so] little book made me who I am today.

The Book Thief, to me, is not just a story, it is the transition from child to adult, the change in thought and thinking.

And most of all, it is discovery.

Because with that book, that scarily moving, hauntingly beautiful story of the unbeatable power of words; it’s different. Yet it so perfectly portrays the confusion, the excitement, the love and rage of it all; and just how horrible life can be.

Liesel. Rudy. Papa. Mama. Max. Frau Holtzapfel. Tommy Muller. Ilsa. Burgermeister.




You, Mr. Zusak, have educated me in a way that no teacher could.

But most of all, you made me realise something in the best way possible: I want to be a writer, and now, I am one.

I still want to be a wordsmith, I have not the grace of one yet.


But most of all, I want to be Liesel.


And so, I’d like to thank you, because though you may have never realised it, that abnormally large book in the Historical Fiction section of the School Library, that boy with the lemon coloured hair, that accordionist, that fist-fighter, that saumensch, that silhouette, the watcher of the colours that I will meet soon enough, and of course, the book thief.

And so did you.

I believe in you. And I am haunted by you, as you are haunted by humans.


A. Nightshade

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