Between Softball and Summer.

Summer heat, the annoyance of a sport, and..... a cute guy going after a best friend? Zaria plays softball (the only sport she hates) and has her best friend (Shannon) is staying for the weekend (YAY!) but, after Zaria's dad drags them to softball practice, she sees a guy. A cute guy. And so far.... he seems to have an eye for Shannon..... who already has a boyfriend...


4. Why Am I Not Surprised?

"I'm Zaria," I spit out. The three guys look at me and try to hold back laughs.

"Shannon." My best friend says. She's always so controlled, why can't I be like that?

"I saw you playing," Jack says to me, "you're really good."

"Thanks." I say. I feel myself blush a little and I tuck a stray hair behind my ear.

"Why weren't you playing?" Will asks Shannon.

Shannon opens her mouth to answer but her phone goes off blaring her Taylor Swift ringtone of 'Enchanted'. "I don't play." She says as she pulls her phone out and type out a message.

"Who's that? Your boyfriend?" Tom teases.

Shannon looks up a little shocked but still has her daydream smile. "Yeah, actually, it is."

I catch Will's smile fall. He puts another fake one on and gives Jack a hopeless look.

He likes her. I already know. My heart sinks, he's gorgeous. Why couldn't he like me? I look down at my softball/workout clothes and then at Shannon's cute jeans and off the shoulder black sweater. She looks beautiful... and I don't.

"Girls! Let's go!" My daddy calls to us.

"Can we get your numbers?" Jack asks.

"Sure," Shannon says. She types her number into Will's phone (only because he practically shoved his phone into her hands) and then she types in mine also.

"Bye!" She chirps to the trio.

"Bye," I say with a little wave. I smile seeing them all wave back at us, but there's a pang of heartache as I catch Will watching Shannon. 


"He was looking at you, I swear!" Shannon tells me.

"Jack? Nah. Not my type." I say.

"ZARIA. PLEASE. HES CUTE." She screams at me. I'm lucky my dad's at work. He probably wouldn't be too happy.

"Eh. Will seemed to like you." I say slowly.

"Eh. I'm pretty into my babe." She says with a shrug. She turns back to the movie we're watching in my room.

"Speaking of your babe," I smile. I turn her swivel chair to face me and I see through the smile she's trying to hide. "DETAILS!!!"

"Alright, alright." She pulls up a picture of a cute guy and tells me how they met. Almost like a fairy tale, of course. They were at the beach and she was jogging and he ran into her. Since she goes up to the beach every weekend (her mom lives there, her parents are divorced) she gets to see him, plus, he's only a block away from hers.

"I've never liked a guy this much, Zar, I think I'm in love." She admits to me.

As if cued, her phone goes off and it's a text from him. She asks me if it's okay if he calls her.

"I don't care, I'm going to take a shower anyways."

She smiles at me and calls him as I grab a change of clothes and disappear into the bathroom to escape her little cutsey "I love you"s.

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