Between Softball and Summer.

Summer heat, the annoyance of a sport, and..... a cute guy going after a best friend? Zaria plays softball (the only sport she hates) and has her best friend (Shannon) is staying for the weekend (YAY!) but, after Zaria's dad drags them to softball practice, she sees a guy. A cute guy. And so far.... he seems to have an eye for Shannon..... who already has a boyfriend...


3. Playing The Game

"No, Zaria, you're not hitting it right!" My dad said to me.

I huffed and fought back the urge to roll my eyes. Of course I didn't hit the ball right. I hated the sport. Why would I hit it right?

I looked past my fuming father to Shannon. She was lost in her own little world, I could hear her music playing from her phone. She caught me staring at her and gave me a thumbs up. Of course she would. She doesn't understand all the hatred laced in this game for me. She smiles and looks around her for the few fly balls I hit.

I turn my attention back to my dad and he nods. Back to the dreaded game. I sigh and continue to practice for the half hour we're out here.

"Okay, we're done. Go pick up some balls with Shannon." My dad tells me. He's tired, I guess arguing with me drains energy. I smile to myself and run to the outfield where Shannon is.

"Hey." I tell her.

She looks up at me and clicks her phone off. "Hi." she says quickly.

I know she's hiding something. I've known her for so long, I know she's hiding something. "Can I see your phone?"

"What? Why?" She puts her phone in her pocket and eyes me suspiciously.

"I want to see all the selfies you were taking." I tell her.

She frowns. "I wasn't taking selfies."

"Liar." I accuse.

"No, I'm serious. I was texting Shawnee."

"Let me see?"


"Why not?"

"It's private."

"Uh huh. Whatever." I smile at her, she blushes. I knew it! She was texting her boyfriend!

"You still haven't told me his name." I say quietly.

"Later, I don't want your dad to hear." She tells me in a whisper.

I nod in agreement. I wouldn't want my dad to know either. We start walking to the far corner of the field to pick up a few softballs when I hear laughing. I turn and see three guys walking over to us.

One has blonde hair and is wearing shorts and a white tank top, one has black hair and is wearing a green shirt and blue jeans, and the last one has brown hair wearing a white shirt and shorts.

They're throwing a football around and laughing at some joke.

"Of course! I bet you you're wrong." The blonde says.

"Bet you I'm right." The one with black hair says. He looks at me and my stomach does a double take. He's gorgeous. And I don't usually like guys from a first glance, so that's saying something.

They stop running and walk over to us. Shannon is oblivious and is singing along to One Direction's 'Best Song Ever'. She has a beautiful voice and when she sways along to the music she looks like she could be a professional dancer.

I turn back to her and I pick up a ball. I call her name and toss it to her, she smiles and catches it. That's when she sees them. Her jaw drops (like I'm sure mine did) and shakes her head.


I turn and see them, THEM smiling at us. I put on a smile and try to find any words to respond to them. As much as I try I can't seem to form any words.

"Hi," Shannon says. She smiles and the wind picks up blowing back a little of her hair. She looks like she could be a fashion model! How does she do that?

"I'm Tom," the blonde says.

"Jack," the one with brown hair says.

The one with black hair waits until Shannon is looking at him, then he gives her a big smile. "Call me Will."

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