Let Your Heart Win (One Direction)

Hey, I'm Teddy!
I'm just a 20 year old from little old Doncaster.
My best friend, Louis is pretty much my everything.
Ever since I've moved to England a few years back, he's been my go to guy.
Even after he applied to The X-Factor and got big, he took me right along with him.
At the time I met him, he had Hannah.
Lovely, lovely girl.
Had a heart bigger than the world.
But, when they broke up, I was there for him.
Let him cry on my shoulder, lash out when he needed to, but then out of nowhere Eleanor showed up.
I don't want to go into much detail, but I hate her.
She thinks she's hot shit, thinks she needs to have everything and anything and most of all, she thinks she's famous, when in reality, she's really not.
She tends to hate me but puts on the 'oh you're my boyfriend's best mate, you'll be mine too' front and I think it's because I live with Lou.
I'm not too fond of her either, but damn, what does she have to worry about?!
Louis William Tomlinson is just my best friend.


2. Chapter 2

“Probably because you couldn’t see what I had on there.” He smirked.


“Ew.” I shook with terror at the thought of what he could possibly of had. “Will you sing to me again, or should I just jam it?”


“Do you want to kill my fans?” He asked quite serious.


“Fine, I’ll talk some, and then jam.” I smiled unlocking his phone, yeah I know his lock code, I’m just that cool, went to his vine app and started a new vine. “Hey Harold’s lovely ladies, do you all like what me and Harold are jamming to?” I asked as I had the camera was flipped on me, then stopped recording, flipped it around, turned up the music, pointed the phone to Harry, “Dance and sing like the idiot you are.” I giggled and started to record again. He’s such an idiot. “Okay.” Still dancing and singing. “Okay!” I yelled.


“Showing my inner fangirl.” He smiled pulling into Oasis’ parking lot as I jumped on twitter real quick.


“@lil_tomlinson: can @TeddyNicole and @Louis_Tomlinson date already?”








“@larrystopbbitch: Teddy and Louis aren’t together as are Eleanor and Louis, Louis is dating Harry. Get your facts right idiots.”


Funny Larry shippers.


“@TeddyNichole: go-karting with dipshit @Harry_Styles :) #INeedToWinOrImDead”


‘Dipshit’ Harry Styles. Oh, I’m hilarious.


“@Harry_Styles: can everyone tell @TeddyNichole she’ll lose today? She doesn’t even know how to drive a car so how can she drive a go-kart and win?”


“Arse.” I mumbled punching his arm playfully before getting out of the car.


“It is pretty nice, huh?” He joked walking towards the entrance.


“Yeah, pretty small.” I smiled.


“Do you see this?” He asked turning his lower half. “This is gorgeously big!”


“Whatever.” I laughed.


“I can never please you, can I?” He asked mocking hurt.


“Never in your life.” I shook my head as I leaned onto the counter.


“Women.” He sighed shaking his head.


“Hello.” The girl smiled messing with her hair, making me scoff and Harry to laugh.


“Hello.” He smiled.


“Such a flirt.” I mumbled so only he could hear.


“Can we ride today?” He asked pushing me slightly away as he leaned closer to the girl.


“Don’t make it sound so sexual, Harry.” I laughed. “She’ll actually think you’ll let her ride you.”


Have I told you, that I have no filter and that I’m a bitch? Be best friends with Louis then get thrown into his crew, you’re ‘good girl’ status gets thrown out the window.


“Ted here sounds jealous.” Harry jerked a hand my way.


“Buy us go-karts or let me buy my own, I’m rather bored.” I laughed.


“What kind of guy would I be if I let the girl pay during a date?” He asked standing up straight and looked at me.


“Uhm, this isn’t a date. This is to get me away from Elea-whore.” I scoffed.


“Whatever.” He smiled then turned back to the girl that was sending me glares. Oh does she like Elea-whore? Sorry to her. “We’ll take three hours, please.”


“Certainly.” She smiled. As he paid, I went and got the required attire and helmet set up for me and picked out a go-kart.


“I want number 7.” I said to Harry.


“I wanted 7!” He whined.


“But I said it first!” I whined back.


“But you always get number 7!”


“It’s not my fault you’re slow and can’t call it first.” I giggled as he glared playfully at me.


“Fine.” He gave in. “I’m still winning.”

“Puh-lease.” I huffed swatting a hand at him. “I got this shit in the bag.”


“I can’t wait to see you in a dress.” He winked.


“I wear dresses all the time?” I laughed.


“On our date, I mean.” He smiled getting in his kart.


“Whatever. I laughed. “Prepare to be tweeting my friend.” I sassed. Oh who would of guessed? Me sassing.

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