Let Your Heart Win (One Direction)

Hey, I'm Teddy!
I'm just a 20 year old from little old Doncaster.
My best friend, Louis is pretty much my everything.
Ever since I've moved to England a few years back, he's been my go to guy.
Even after he applied to The X-Factor and got big, he took me right along with him.
At the time I met him, he had Hannah.
Lovely, lovely girl.
Had a heart bigger than the world.
But, when they broke up, I was there for him.
Let him cry on my shoulder, lash out when he needed to, but then out of nowhere Eleanor showed up.
I don't want to go into much detail, but I hate her.
She thinks she's hot shit, thinks she needs to have everything and anything and most of all, she thinks she's famous, when in reality, she's really not.
She tends to hate me but puts on the 'oh you're my boyfriend's best mate, you'll be mine too' front and I think it's because I live with Lou.
I'm not too fond of her either, but damn, what does she have to worry about?!
Louis William Tomlinson is just my best friend.


1. Chapter 1

"Teddy!" "What? Who died?" I screeched falling out of bed. I literally fell out of bed. Fucking hell. "No one." Louis smiled standing at the end of my bed. "Tea?" “Louis, this is the third day you’ve woken me up because you want a tea buddy.” I huffed laying on the floor. “I’m tired. Call Harry.” “I’m right here, babe.” Harry said walking in. “Lookin’ good, Ted.” “Ew!” I yelled jumping back in my bed and covering myself. “If you wore more clothes, maybe I wouldn’t check you out.” He winked. “Harold.” Lou growled. A round of applause for my BFF. “It’s not my fault she’s fit!” “Ew!” “C’mon babe, we all know you want some of this.” Harry smirked running a hand down his torso. “Whenever I’m desperate for an awful shag, I’ll be sure to ring you.” I laughed. “I’m not awful, ask your mum.” He winked. “Mhmm, I’ll ask her how small you really are.” I rolled my eyes. “Want me to drop my pants now and show you how ‘small’ I am?” He smirked. “Mhmm, please.” I smiled crawling down to the end of my bed to watch as I waved my hand motioning for Louis’ tea. “Get your own!” He yelled. “You’re the one who barged in here without a cup for me!” I yelled back. “Harold, strip.” “Harry, don’t.” Lou sighed as he handed me his tea. “She’s practically begging for it.” Harry pointed out as he fumbled for his belt buckle. “C’mon, Lou boo, I wanna see how small he is.” I giggled. “I swear you two should just date.” He huffed scooting up to the top of my bed and laying down. “Ew!” “She hurts my feelings.” Harry pouted. “Sorry, Dimples.” I smiled. “It’s okay, I still love you.” He smiled plopping down onto my bed. “Larry Stylinson is totally in my bed right now.” I giggled. “Shut up!” Lou slapped my arse. “Ow!” I screeched flipping around, like a fish without water, until I was on my back. “Why’d you do that?!” “Because you made a Larry joke.” He smirked. “Get pants on.” “No.” “Ted?” “No.” “Teddy?” He whined. “It’s my room, if you don’t like it, leave.” I smiled as he didn’t move a muscle. “So what’s the plan for the day, boys?” I asked crawling back up to the top of the bed and laid between them. “I’m actually…” “Louis, babe?!” “Ew.” I gagged. “Be nice.” Louis warned. Still not moving. “Never.” “Babe, where are yo… Oh, lovely.” She stopped after seeing us in bed. “Eleanor! My favourite person! We had an amazing threesome last night!” I smiled straddling Louis to get out of bed then walked up to her. “Sorry you couldn’t join us.” “Bear?” Louis growled as Harry was laughing his arse off and Eleanor, well, ha, she was glaring. “I’ll be in the shower.” I smiled walking away and my smile got even bigger as Lou tried to calm El down and Harry laughing even harder. Now yes, I am in fact a bitch, but I don’t care. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- “Bear?” “Yes, boo?” I love our nicknames for each other. “What are you doing today?” Lou asked jumping up onto the bathroom counter as I continued to do my hair. “Harry wants to go go-karting, so I’m tagging along.” I smiled. “Why?” “Only asking.” He sighed looking down at his hands. “Spill it.” I said putting down my straightener and stood in front of him. “Have you seen twitter lately?” “I haven’t been on yet today, why?” I asked glancing at my phone, tempted to go looking. “Well people are just thinking we’re dating…” “Again?” I laughed. “When will they learn you’re happy with Eleanor?” “Bear?” “Just ignore them, Louis. What can you do, other than go out in public with her and hold her hand and…” “Alright, Jesus.” He cut me off. “Can’t you at least try to be nice?” “HA!” I laughed going back to doing my hair. “Whenever she wraps her head around she’s not gold, maybe.” “Teddy, she does not act…” “Like that around you? Oh yeah, I know.” I smiled. “You know this is hard for me too, you know?” He said getting up. “How?” I asked in amusement. “My best friend not liking my girlfriend.” He said turning around. “It’s hard to juggle.” And with that, he left. He didn’t explain what he meant, he just left. As I finished my hair, I moved onto my make-up. Now whenever a guy says ‘you’re beautiful without it’ I think they’re a crock of shit. No guy will ever make that insecurity of a girl’s go away, so they shouldn’t bother us about it. “Ted, hurry the fuck up!” “Rush me and I’ll take longer, Harold!” I hate when he calls me Ted, so when he calls me that, I call him Harold, because he also hates it. “But I’m hungry!” He whined walking into the bathroom. “God, do you own pants?!” “I don’t like wearing them.” I scrunched my nose up as looked over my hair and make-up once more. “I’ve noticed.” He mumbled staring at my legs. “Stop being a horny teenager.” I giggled. “Let me get clothes on, then we can go.” “Louis, how do you live with her, running around wearing practically nothing, and not tapping that?” Harry asked. “Ew!” I yelled as I jumped into a pair of shorts and ran out into the living room to look at him. “Haz, she’s my best friend, I don’t see her in that way.” Louis laughed. “Bullshit!” Harry yelled. “Liam is all about women’s rights, but he still checks Ted out.” “Because Louis is a good boy.” Eleanor cooed. She actually cooed. Who coos? Louis is not an infant. “Yeah, right.” Me and Harry said at the same time. “I just don’t look at Bear like that.” Lou shrugged. “If he did, I’d be back in Doncaster.” I laughed walking to get shoes. “Speaking of home, do you wanna go down there this weekend?” Lou yelled. “Yeah!” I smiled hopping out as I put on a boot. “You guys need to date.” “Why?!” “You practically dress the same!” He laughed gesturing to our outfits. “The only thing close to being the same is our shoes, Boo.” I said looking us over. “You get the point.” He waved. “Whatever.” I rolled my eyes. “Let’s go, Harold. See ya.” “Bye.” Harry waved. “Later. Bear, I’ll make plans.” Lou yelled. “Alright.” “Am I turning you into a hipster?” Harry laughed as we walked towards his car. “Between hanging out with you and Perrie all the time, most likely.” I sighed. “It’s a fun life; you should totally become a hipster.” He laughed throwing an arm over my shoulders. “I’ll think about it.” I laughed. “It’ll be the best decision you’ve ever made.” He joked while opening the passenger side door for me. “Always a gentlemen.” I smirked. “Always.” He smiled his million dollar smile, dimples and all. “Stop gawking and let’s go.” I giggled. “I’m ready to kick your arse.” “Like that’ll happen.” He laughed closing my door softly and walking over to his side. “Wanna make it a bet?” I asked once he got in. “Sure, why not, whatta got?” He asked turning the car on and started to drive. “If I win, you have to tweet that I’m the bestest person in the whole world and have to admit that you’re a cupcake.” I smiled. “That’s not that bad.” He snorted. “I’m keeping it PG, Harold.” “Fine.” He smiled. “If I win, you have to go out on a date with me.” “Eh, why not?” I shrugged. “Did you seriously just agree?” He asked in disbelief. “You’re not going to win, so why decline?” I trash talked. “We’ll just have to wait and see.” He smiled as I turned on the radio. “Hey! It’s your boyfriend!” I giggled turning it up even more. Harry won’t admit it, but he’s gay for Ed Sheeran. Not literally gay, but gay. It’s cute. I love that little ginger too. “Sing it, Harold!” “No!” He whined. “C’mon, this is my favourite song and I love it when you sing it!” I pouted. “Fine!” I always get him. “Yay!” I cheered and focused my attention to him as he began the second verse. “Oh, you're just a small bump unknown; you'll grow into your skin. With a smile like hers and a dimple beneath your chin. Finger nails the size of a half grain of rice, And eyelids closed to be soon opened wide A small bump, in four months you'll open your eyes. And I'll hold you tightly; I'll tell you nothing but truth, If you're not inside me, I'll put my future in you You are my one and only. You can wrap your fingers round my thumb and hold me tight. Oh, you are my one and only. You can wrap your fingers round my thumb and hold me tight. And you'll be alright." “Boyfriend would be so proud of you.” I smiled. “Should I text him and tell him we’re jamming to him?” “Take my phone and make a vine.” He suggested. “Are… are you being for real?” I asked looking at him like he grew an extra head. “Yeah.” He laughed. “Oh my God.” I smiled grabbing his phone. “You never let me touch this thing.”
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