My song book :)

These are songs or parts of songs that i have written. They aren't always going to be complete and they are not professional i want to be a singer/songwriter one day so...
Tell me if you think they are good because the one that is the most liked i might use to try out for something, like i tried out for Americas got Talent this year i didnt get in but it was an amazing experience.


5. Tatooed Hearts

 Hi this is my song tattooed hearts my friend Delaina and I wrote it together. It's a slow song meant to be played only on the piano. We are doing a project at school with it so please omment as much ideas as possible give me feedback we are preforming this so all tips are thought about and would be helpful!!! :)


This tattooed heart of mine

is really getting old

I've broke it so many times hurt, I've been sold

what did I do to deserve this

as the awful words leave your lips


Tattooed Hearts

had to tape it up right from the start

tried to keep my guard up

but you tore it apart

this tattooed heart of mine


Where did true love go

through the fire you lost your glow

laid out on the line I don't feel at home

even though fairy tales never come true

I though that they did when it came to you





(Have you heard the  song "not about angels" by Birdy it's suppose to be in the fault in our stars sound track? I listened to that while typing this! I cry every time I listen to it T-T darn emotions...


LOL Biiiiii)

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