My song book :)

These are songs or parts of songs that i have written. They aren't always going to be complete and they are not professional i want to be a singer/songwriter one day so...
Tell me if you think they are good because the one that is the most liked i might use to try out for something, like i tried out for Americas got Talent this year i didnt get in but it was an amazing experience.


3. Interrogation

VERSE1: Questions are being asked What did you do last Where were you at 3 am What did you do Where and when Spill the secrets and the lies Till you have nothing left to hide CHORUS: Oh it's an interrogation Oh, oh, oh It's an interrogation Oh, oh, oh VERSE 2: You can't make me talk No matter how long the clock tick-tocks It's my mind my head Find someone with a weaker will instead My words so I'm free to speak My life won't remain bleak CHORUS:........ BRIDGE: Your being questioned step inside To ensure no more lies Make sure to answer thurough and true I will leave it up to you It's a make it or break it split decision Till you do I will keep quizzing CHOROS:..... 3 times
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