My song book :)

These are songs or parts of songs that i have written. They aren't always going to be complete and they are not professional i want to be a singer/songwriter one day so...
Tell me if you think they are good because the one that is the most liked i might use to try out for something, like i tried out for Americas got Talent this year i didnt get in but it was an amazing experience.


2. Fairytale

This is my song Fairytale its about waiting for your prince charming who is probably not at all who you expect him to be but he sweeps you off of your feet anyways.Don't virtually laugh at me for my pathetic attempt at a love song lol.:)


Fairytale endings,Fairytale hearts

they don't tell you that you can fall apart

get so broken you can't be fixed

don't know how you got into the mix

 how did you pick up my pieces and solve my puzzle


will you be my fairytale

be the one whose always there

will you hold me when i cry

and be with me when i fly

prepared to catch me when i fall

be sure to always answer my call

oh my fairytale

glass slippers, perfect prince

dont exactly fit the bit

we make our own path our own destines

people are never as they seem

princess they witch

troll the prince




you are my fairytale

your the one whose always there

you hold me when i cry

you are with me when i fly

never failed to catch me when i fall

usually the first one to make the call

your my fairytale




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