My song book :)

These are songs or parts of songs that i have written. They aren't always going to be complete and they are not professional i want to be a singer/songwriter one day so...
Tell me if you think they are good because the one that is the most liked i might use to try out for something, like i tried out for Americas got Talent this year i didnt get in but it was an amazing experience.


6. Best friends Boi

Have you ever been in a situation where your friend has dibs on a guy, but he isn't into her he's into you or your into him? Or maybe they dated but it just didn't work out, and you've promised yourself to not give into his flirting and amazingness? Well this song is for you so READ IT lol Comment if you have been in this situation. I have and I don't know if I am the only one or what... My best friends boy makes my head spin around I try to ignore him but his voice has a beautiful sound What am I going to do I'm hypnotised by you This is so wrong So wrong You eyes so captivating Blonde hair so frustrating Trying to ignore But what we have is more I feel like in falling for my best friends boy The way she looks at him I feel jealousy kicking in And as she rambles about how he said hi I wish I could just say good bye Sisters before misters This is so wrong So wrong CHORUS: Bridge: I feel like I'm falling oh I feel like I'm falling oh I feel like I'm falling for my best friends boy (2 times) Chorus twice THE END Please comment!!!
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