The 89th hunger games

What would happen if there was no rebellion? After the 75 games katniss and peeta returned home and had three chidren. The oldest, Rue, is just like her mother. Will she carry out her mothers traits, or will she create her own.


2. Chapter Two

Chapter Two

I whip around to see who it is. And as expected it was a peacekeeper. I throw a punch towards his cheek but he grabs my wrist. I try to wriggle free but its no use so i start to scream, then he covers my mouth. Another peacekeeper comes into the clearing and helps the other gard carry me back to town. I kick and thrash trying to free myself, but they're grip just tightens on my arms. Once we get back to town they put me in the square.

"They're gonna whip me?!" I think to myself. But why?! Because i was walking along the fence i mean i didnt even leave. The peacekeepers order me to turn around, and i do. Then they tell me to get down on my knees. Then they put my hands through the wrist braces so that when they do whip me, I wont be able to escape. After the gards back up and the whipping begins.

Sharp pains run up my back with every time the head gaurd pulls back the whip and then hits me. I scream though gritted teeth at every sharp burst. I want to just break free and run, as fast as i can away from here, but i cant, and wont. I mean i have my brother and my sister to take care of. And my parents. another sharp pain runs up my back like tounges of fire. But this pain hurts much worst than the others. It must have been a bullet. I let out the most painful scream that has ever left my mouth.

Then i start to hear foot prints behind me. "No Stop!!!!" I hear a Female voice cry. That sounds like....

"No Prim!" I say to her. "Just.. ah... go!" I wisper to her.

"Im not leaving without you!" she says to me. And then more footsteps. "No!! Rue!!!" I hear my mother shout. Then something strange happens.The whipping stops.

"She interfered with a peacekeeper". The gaurd says.

"I didnt say she was smart!" Mom says. I see her and Hamich glance at eachother but then she looks away.

" If I were you." Mom says, " I would let this go, if you want to start the reaping on time, I mean, We are on a schedele arent we?" She says. Wow. That does not sound like her.

The guard lowers his gun. "Alright. But next time, I will pull the trigger." Mom nods her head. " Get her out of here" He says.

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