The 89th hunger games

What would happen if there was no rebellion? After the 75 games katniss and peeta returned home and had three chidren. The oldest, Rue, is just like her mother. Will she carry out her mothers traits, or will she create her own.


3. Chapter Three

Chapter Three

Mom and Prim run up to me. They both undo the hand cuffs, and my hands slide down to the ground. Hamich,Gale, and im guessing people who work in the mines run up to me.

"Rue im going to need you to lay down okay?" Gale says. I nod my head slowly. Even the thought of it nauseates me. I lay down on some board that one of the minners brought. I groan when they pick the board up. I meet my mothers eyes before they take me to my grandmothers house. My grandma is one of the best doctors in district 12.

The walk there was painful! But when we finally get there, its 100 times worse.

Mom bursts in the door and says " Its Rue!"

"Get her here!" Grandma says. I mean shes not that old, maybe her mid 50's, but I have nothing else to call her. With the help of my Aunt Prim, they clean of the counter fairly quickly.

The coal minners lift me up and place me on the counter. I groan, even though, I would love to scream right now.

Aunt Prim cuts away whats left of my shirt and unlaches my bra.

Then suddenly a sharp pain runs up my back like someone lit a fire on my back. I scream from the pain. "what is that its hurting her!" Mom exclaims. " Prim go make a snow coat!" Grandma says. "Gale get the snow i'll grind the herbs." Aunt prim says. Obedeantly, Gale grabs a bowl and runs outside.

Just then Dad rushes in. "What happened?!" Dad exclaims. "She interfeared with a peacekeeper and was caught hunting." Hamich says. Dad frowns. "How was she caught i mean, they dont gaurd the fence" Dad says. "Well they are this year." Mom says

After that Mom explains what she saw and I diside to block them out. Grandma and Aunt Prim continue to work on my back. Painful yes, but not as bad as before. Then I feel something leaving my skin.The bullet. I scream through grided teeth.

"Sorry! I havent done this before!" Aunt Prim says.

"I can tell" I say, putting on a fake smile.

"Well this is all we can do." Aunt Prim says. "After the reaping we can finish." Grandma says.

"Here do you need some help to sit up?" Gale asks. I nod.

Mom, Dad, and Gale walk over and brace me while I sit up.

Picture this. Imagine that your back is on fire and hot,burning coals are placed on your back. Thats how I feel trying to sit up.I groan while im sitting up. Mom and Dad support me when I stand also,and if they werent, I would have blacked out on the spot.

Gale walks ahead and opens the door for us, then we head home.

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