The 89th hunger games

What would happen if there was no rebellion? After the 75 games katniss and peeta returned home and had three chidren. The oldest, Rue, is just like her mother. Will she carry out her mothers traits, or will she create her own.


1. Chapter One

Chapter one

I wake to the bright glow of the sun shining from my window. I sit up, yawn, and streach. Im about to get out of bed before Rye, my younger brother, comes running in and jumping onto my bed. "Hey kiddo i didnt know that you would be up right now" I say to him. "Rue, its 10:00" He says. "10:00?!" I exclaim. I get up put on my robe and run out to the kitchin. "I thought you would never get up!" My father/Peeta mellark says. Oh i almost forgot! My name is Rue Mellark. My parents are Katniss and Peeta. I have 2 siblings, one brother and a sister. You already know Rye, but my sisters name is primrose. I wouldent say that we are opposites, but its pretty close to it.

I run back to my room and see Rye still sitting on my bed. I shoe him out of my room and change quickly. "Im gonna be late!" I think to myself. I run down the hall, grab a peice of fruit, throw on my jacket, and jog out the door. I pass by mom/Katniss who is picking some vegtables from the garden. She looks up smiles and waves at me. Of corse I smile and wave back.

After I finish my peice of fruit, im half way to the fence until i here someone shout. I turn to see someone yelling at another person. "well geez" I think. "whats the big deal". But all well. Once i start to see wooded areas i start to get nervous. Mom had warned me to be carfull around these parts and if you do get caught, make up one really good exuse.

I can see the fence come into veiw, when some one grabs me from behind.

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