The 89th hunger games

What would happen if there was no rebellion? After the 75 games katniss and peeta returned home and had three chidren. The oldest, Rue, is just like her mother. Will she carry out her mothers traits, or will she create her own.


4. Chapter Four

Chapter Four

One step after another is fire. It hurts so bad to even stand let alone walk, but I keep going because the reaping is in two hours. Wait. Two hours?!

We walk in the door and dad lets go of my grasp, and I would have blacked out if mom didnt catch me. "Im going to pull up a chair." dad says. I nod. Im still shocked from the whipping so I dont speak.

A few minutes later Dad returns with a chair. Mom walks me over and sits me down gentley not to hurt my back.

"Theres something that we need to talk about." Dad says. "we were going to talk to you about it when you got back from hunting but...." Theres a short pause before mom says. "But then you got caught."

"But thats beside the point." Dad says. "Now at the reaping Me and Mom will be standing on stage with Hamich so we wont be able to see you unless your called."

"which will not happen." Mom says. "This kept me safe during my games, and it will protect you, like it did for me." She hands me a pin. The pin is copper I belive, and it has a mockingjay holding an arow in its mouth.

"Thank you." I say, my voice hoarse from screaming. I lean forward to hug them. They hold my embrase for a few minutes, then they help me up.

Mom leads me to my room. "Oh I almost forgot!" Mom exclaims and rushes out of my room. A few minutes later she returns with a blue dress with a white bow in the back.

"I wore this for my first reaping, exept Effie added the bow." She says smileing. I take the dress and close my door so I can change. Im greatful for the pad protecting my back and if I didnt have it, well I probably couldent change, let alone stand.

After I get the dress one I open the door and call for mom. She walks from the kichen and once she sees me, a gasp leaves her mouth.

"Rue." She says. "You look beautiful!" I smile. "Thanks momma."

"Here let me help." Mom says. She takes my Mockingjay pin and puts it on. Then she braids my hair and twirls it into a bun. Once shes done I look into the mirror. I dont see my self. I see a pale girl with grey-blue eyes with a calm expresion on her face. That girl cant be me.

"I need to go help Prim get ready." Mom wispers. "I think Dads already done with Rye, why dont you go out there and wait with them?" She says. "Okay." I say quietly, then I walk down the hall way and wait with them.

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