The 89th hunger games

What would happen if there was no rebellion? After the 75 games katniss and peeta returned home and had three chidren. The oldest, Rue, is just like her mother. Will she carry out her mothers traits, or will she create her own.


5. Chapter Five

Chapter 5

About 15 minutes later Prim walks out followed by mom. Prim is wearing the same thing Aunt Prim did for her reaping, a white top and a blue skirt. Her hair is in two braids down her back.

But now mom is wearing a grey top, with black skinny jeans, and dad is wearing a white butten up shirt with black jean identical to moms.

Dad smiles. "you both look beautiful!" He says. He walks over to mom and gives her a kiss. "Ewww!" Rye exclaims, covering his eyes. We all laugh, and it lightens up the mood a bit.

About an hour later we are in the town circle. It hasent changed much, Exept for the lighting and stuff. Effie Trinket is on the stage decked out in blue this year.

"Ok." Mom says. "Me and Dad will be on stage, we will see you after the reaping." I hug mom and dad. Mom places a hand on my back and I almost cry out. She pulls back her hand quickly. "sorry!" I smile. She smiles in return.

Mom and dad walk up to the stage. "Rye go find Gale, Me and Prim will see you after okay?" I say to him. He nods and says "okay."

Me and Prim walk back to the girls section. Its about 20 minutes before it starts.

"Welcome! Happy Hunger games! And may the odds be ever in your favor!!" Effie says in a cheerful tone. I cant belive anyone is acctually buying this. "Now the time has come to select one male and female tribute for the 89th annual Hunger games! As usual, Ladies first!"

She walks to the bowl and sticks her hamd in. The palms of my hands begin to sweat. I am just now realizeing how scared I am. Effie pulls a name out of the bowl. I look over at Prim amd see that she is as scared as I am. I offer my hand, and she takes it. She smiles up at me.

Effie walks back to the mocrophone. I have a really bad feeling thats it gonna be one of us. What is the best way to finish torchering me, getting my name pulled or my sisters.

She opens the slip of paper slowly and carfuly. I look at Hamich and our eyes meet. He nods so slightly, conferming my fear.

"Rue Mellark" Effie says.

My eyes widen. I look at mom and she is crying into dads arms. A tear roals down my face. I begin to walk to the center, were the peace keepers are waiting.

I walk to the center. I'm about half way there until I hear a cry behind me. I whip aroumd to see Prim fighting against the guards. Now I'm trying to reach her, But the peacekeeper grab my arms amd forse me to the stage. I continue fighting, even though my back screams in protest. By the time we reach the stage I stop fighting. I walk up the steps and stand beside Effie.

"And now for the boys." She says. She walks to the bowl. I am now scared for Rye. I mean he is only what 10? Oh did I mention that they moved down the reaping ages? Well insted of being twelve, you have to be ten. Why does the capitle have to be so unfair?

Effie selects a name from the bowl and walks back to the microphone. The name she reads isnt my brothers, But another name that I have herd, but I cant place who it is.

But when he walks to the middle I know.

"Oh no." I wisper. "No, No, No." Dad must have herd me because he looks at me. I look back at him and we come to a silent agreement. We will talk later.

But this boy, Alexander stone, we have met before. I was lost in the woods as a young girl and I was trying to find my way back. What I didnt see was a hovercraft flying by. He pulled me to safty. He saved my life. I dont think I can ever repay him for that.

Once he is on stage, Effie says,"Happy Hunger Games and may the odds be ever in your favor!" She backs up for us to shake hands. I look him in the eye, and he offers his hand,looking back at me. I take it, and we shake, and then we leave the stage. I hear the doors click behind me, and I know that I wont see the people of 12 again unless I win.

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