The Dead Walking

(You all know the story of the Walking Dead. This is a different version of the walking dead.) I lost my family at the beginning. Been alone ever since. Till one day I stumble across a group. A group that changes my life. My name is Isabella, but I prefer Izzy. I wish I could say I am the same person as I was a year ago, but that would be a lie. I wish I could say walkers are the only things I have killed. I wish I could say a lot of things, but none of them would be true.


1. Saved

                  I creep through the woods. Careful not to make too much noise. I have only a brown backpack with my meager belongings. A picture of my mom and dad and brother, a black sweatshirt, a can of ravioli, and heart locket that my mom gave me when I was 6. My only weapons are a samurai sword and a pistol that has 6 bullets in the chamber. I have an extra 6 in my pocket. The sun blazes down on me causing me to sweat and heating up my ripped jeans and white tank top. The woods aren't very dense. I see an opening up ahead. I jog towards it, but stop as I reach the end of the tree line. I search the opening for any signs of walkers and find that it is clear.

                 I step out and start to cross. I don't know where I'm going exactly. I don't really have any place to be. Once my family died I gave up on trying to stay in one place. Running and hiding is more of my style. I don't like to fight walkers. Its not that I'm afraid of then. I'm afraid of getting bit. Afraid of what I'll become. I feel my back pocket to make sure my gun is still there. I'm relieved to feel the familiar rough handle of the pistol. I continue walking forward until I spot a daisy. I bend down to grab it. The gun goes off. I hear the loud BANG, then I feel the pain. The bullet grazed the back of heel. I gasp and start to hop toward the woods, wincing in pain.

                  Zombies emerge from the woods I was heading to. I spin around and start to go back, but there are zombies on all sides. I spin around looking for a way to escape. I cant find any. There has to be 50 zombies. Maybe more. I pull out my gun and fire at the closet one. It falls to the ground. I aim at another one, ignoring the pounding in my ears. I am short for 14 so most of the walkers stand tower over me. I shoot the remaining 2 bullets into the zombies heads and go to reload. I grab the 6 bullets and load them in the gun. I cock it and shoot. POW, POW, POW, POW, POW, POW. The gun is empty and I have only killed a quarter of them. I pull out my sword and prepare to fight. I sling the sword at one of the zombies and it cuts his head off. For awhile I do this. I am tired. They keep getting closer. I'm going to die.

                  Suddenly I am pushed to the ground. I hear the familiar groan and see the zombie's face right above mine. I push his head away with my forearm as he lunges for my throat. I dropped my sword a few feet away. My gun is empty and walkers surround me. There's nothing I can do. I see zombies feet a few steps away. They'll land on me and I wont be able to get them off. I'm going to die, I'm going to die, I'm going to die. I hear a gunshot. Then another and another. The walkers fall down around me including the one on top of me. I throw it off of me and look around. All of the zombies are dead, but that's not all I see. 2 men and a boy are making there way towards me. I pick up my sword and stand in position. I am not ready to fight and I most certainly will not win, but I will not look weak. They stop a few feet away as they see my stance and weapon.

                  "Look we don't want to hurt you. My names Rick and this is Carl and Deryl. See look," they set down their weapons slowly. "Whats your name?"

                  "Isabella," I say quietly. Lowering my weapon.

                  "Well Isabella where is your family?"

                  "They're dead. They died a long time ago."

                  "Then who are you with?" he asks.

                  "No one," I reply.

                  "So you're by yourself?" Carl asks. Shock visible on his face.


                  "Do you want to come with us? We have a camp at a prison. You can come if you want."

                  "I... don't... know. Is there more of you?"

                  "Yes. There's a lot more of us. I promise we wont hurt you," he offers out his hand for me to join them.

                  "I... I ... guess." I take his hand and he gives it a small shake.

                  "Well come on," he smiles and I give him a small smile back. Just now do I notice that Carl wears a sheriffs hat and Deryl carries a cross bow.

                   I limp with them across the field and to the woods that I first came from. Once we are in the woods and I feel safe again I ask, "How did you guys find me?"

                   "We heard a gun shot. A lot of gun shots actually and we ran to see what was happening. We showed up just as you were being tackled by that zombie," Carl explains. He has brown hair that comes down to his chin and light blue eyes. He is about the same height as me. Probably close to the same age too.

                   "Its a good thing you showed up when you did. If not I would be dead."

                   "So what made you run out into a field of zombies?"

                   "I didn't. At first the field was empty. When I bent down to get a flower my gun shot off and a grazed my heel. Then they started to swarm around and I couldn't get away. I shot off all of my bullets and finally I had to use my sword. I couldn't kill them fast enough and that's when the one tackled me," I explain.

                   "So you've really been alone Isabella?"

                   "Yes I've really been alone. And call me Izzy. I don't like Isabella," I correct him.

                   "Okay Izzy it is. You already know, but I'm Carl. Ricks my dad and Deryl is his friend. We've all been together from the beginning."

                   "Wow. Do you have any siblings?"

                   "Yeah. A baby sister," he smiles.

                   "A baby?!"

                   "Yeah my mom gave birth a couple weeks ago. She died though," he adds quietly.

                   "I'm sorry. I didn't know."

                   "Its fine."

                   "Are we close to your guy's camp?" I ask, changing the subject.

                   "Kinda. We were out hunting. Farther than we usually go."

                   "I guess things do happen for a reason."

                   "What do you mean?"

                   "The day you guys go out hunting farther than usually do I just happen to need help. If you would have stayed in your normal routine you wouldn't have reached me in time. I guess it wasn't my time to die," I sigh.

                   "I guess not. I'm glad we could save you though. I don't want anymore people to die. To turn into those... things," he shudders.

                   "I didn't want to turn into one of them either. That was the worst part. When I thought I was going to die that wasn't what I was afraid of. I was afraid of becoming one of them. Dang my foot hurts," I stop and kneel down so I can see my wound without falling over.

                   "Wait guys," Carl calls to Rick and Deryl. They stop and jog back to us. Carl kneels down beside me. I pull my pant leg up a little bit and slip off my black boot. I see a small bullet hole a the bottom of my heal. All the blood makes it look worse than it really is. The bullet must have just skimmed it because the bullet is not in my heal.

                    "What happened to it?" Rick says nervously.

                    "My gun went off in my pocket when I bent down. I'm not bit," I snap.

                    "Can you walk?" he asks.

                    "Yeah I'll just be sorta slow," I shrug. "It doesn't hurt that bad. The bleeding makes it look worse than it really is."

                     "You're lucking it just grazed it or you'd be in a lot of pain. We're almost to the camp so just hand on a little longer."

                      I put my boot back on and stand up slowly. We continue walking until we come to another clearing. This time though I see a prison. Gates surround the large stone building. I walk towards it quicker than I had been walking. I ignore the pain in my foot and walk faster to catch up with Rick. We reach the large gated doors to get in. I see people. Real people. Not walkers. Working in gardens, guarding the fences, and walking around, smiling and talking. It takes all I have not to sprint ahead and climb over the barbed wired fence. When we get close enough the doors are opened by two more men and closed once we enter. I look around and take the place in. Its beautiful.

                     "Its really something isn't it?" Carl asks happily.

                     "It really is," I agree.

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