The Dead Walking

(You all know the story of the Walking Dead. This is a different version of the walking dead.) I lost my family at the beginning. Been alone ever since. Till one day I stumble across a group. A group that changes my life. My name is Isabella, but I prefer Izzy. I wish I could say I am the same person as I was a year ago, but that would be a lie. I wish I could say walkers are the only things I have killed. I wish I could say a lot of things, but none of them would be true.


5. Normal Days

                  We don't mention what happened to us in the woods. We just tell them that there wasn't any animals around. We cant stop owing each other. Carl helped save me, I saved him. Its weird how that works. I decide to walk around outside. Being inside is boring. I think I hear someone follow me. Carl. I turn around and see that I was right. "What do you want?" I joke.

                  "You saved me."

                  "Yeah. You saved me too, remember."

                  "But my dad and Daryl needed help too and you chose to save me. Why?" he sounds confused.

                  "I knew they would be fine. And I knew you wouldn't. So I helped you and everything turned out fine," I shrug.

                  "I guess."

                  "Look Carl its fine. You don't owe me or anything."

                  "Your know your pretty cool."

                  "Thanks," I say sarcastically.

                  "I mean it. You don't act like most people my age."

                  "What's that supposed to mean?"

                  "Most 14 year old girls are always talking about boys and clothes," he says in a squeaky voice. He rolls his eyes. "You're more... mature."

                  "Well given the circumstances..."

                  "Oh shut up. You know what I mean. I feel like I can talk to you."

                  "That's because I shut up and listen. Most girls or guys don't do that," I point out.

                  "You're right."

                  "What time do you think it is?" I ask." What day do you think it is?"

                  "It feels like a Wednesday at 4."

                  "Sorta," I agree.

                  "So where are we walking to exactly?"

                  "I'm taking a long route back to my cell. And for you. I don't know where you're going," I shrug.

                  "What are you going to do in your cell? Stare at a picture?"

                  "Maybe." he gives me a weird look and I give him a light shove. "Oh be quiet. I can do what I want in my cell."

                   "Yeah, but you wouldn't rather be doing something useful?"


                   "Stabbing zombies through a fence," he smiles.

                   "I think I'll pass. I already ruined my white tank top. I don't want to ruin this one too," I shake my head.

                   "Wear your sweat shirt," he suggests.

                   "So I can ruin that too. I'll pass. You can go if you want."

                   "And leave you to stare at a picture. No way. Come here," he grabs my hand and tugs me forward. I stand frozen in place. "Seriously? Just come on," he rolls his eyes.

                   He doesn't let my hand go. He's probably afraid I'll run away. We walk to the adults cell. I see Beth standing there with the baby. She's singing a song in a pretty voice. "Beth!" Carl calls.

                   "Hmmm?" she says, stopping her song.

                   "Do you have an extra pony tail?"

                   "I dont think your hair needs to be put up," she jokes.

                   "Its not for me," he smiles.

                   "Here take her," she hands Carl the baby and she walks in her cell. She comes back out a moment later holding a worn out black pony tail. She hands it to me and grabs the baby again. She gives me a smile and says, "You need it. Your hair is so long!"

                   "Okay Carl hand over the hat. You owe me," she giggles.

                   He hands her the hat and she puts it on. He looks different without it. Bare. "Only for a little while," he warns.

                    He walks back to me and walk out of the adult section. "You didn't have to give up your hat."
                    "Its only for a little while," he shrugs, "I don't really mind."

                    I put my hair up in a high pony tail as we walk.  My side bangs hang down though. They're to short to go back in a pony tail. "I'm going back to my cell," I tell him as we approach the kid's section. I walk down the hall that leads to it and he follows. "If only all days could be normal days," I sigh.

                    "Really what is a normal day? Now a normal day is killing zombies and trying to stay alive. Before this a normal day was going to school and doing work. Neither are very good."

                     "I didn't think about it like that."

                     "What did you like to do before all this?"

                     "Sleep, listen to music, play soccer," I shrug. "Things like that."

                     "Soccer...? Hmmm. I have another idea." He walk into his room and comes back out carrying a blue ball. A soccer ball. Its peeling in some places, but other that its fine.

                      "You have everything."

                      "Wanna play?"


                       Okay you get this side. If I kick the ball and it hits the wall I get a point. If you hit my wall then you get a point. No kicking each other though," he points at me.

                        "Kicking? I wont need kicking to win," I brag.

                        "Oh we'll see about that."

                        He backs up to his side before he advances. He kicks the ball forward till he is on my side. I stick my foot out and stand in front of him. He maneuvers around me and kicks the ball at the wall. "Score," he cheers.

                        "That was only the beginning. I go easy at the beginning."

                        "I don't need you to go easy," he smirks.

                        "Oh really?"

                        I sprint forward with the ball right in front of me. I shoot past him and it bounces off the wall. He hasn't even moved. I smile proudly. "Your ball."

                        The game continues like this. He scores I score. He's better than I thought he would be. Finally the score is 30 to 31. I'm in the lead and its my ball. I run barely kicking the ball so it stays close to me. Carl stands straight in front of me. I keep running. He'll move. I get close and its too late to go the other way. We both fall over. He starts laughing, but I look at him wide eyed. "Why didn't you move?!" I demand.

                       "Because you would have scored."

                       "So you decided you would rather get trampled? I won anyways," I brag.

                       "I know." We are both sweating and gasping for air.

                       "I knew I would."

                       "I knew you would too. I let you win," his eyes glisten mischieviously.

                       "You what?" I yelp.

                       "I let you win," he repeats.


                       "Because I knew you would loose."

                       "Whatever. I'm tired... and hot... and sweaty. I'm gonna go lay down," I push myself up so I am standing. He stands up too.

                       "Okay. I'm gonna go find my dad and tell him about our game," he smiles.


                       I walk to my cell and sit down. I take in deep breaths, trying to get my heart rate down. When I've done that I lay back and shut my eyes. My back practically sighs in relief. I lay there for a moment. I am tired. Really tired actually. Its not to early to go to sleep. I lay there and finally sleep takes over and I am out.

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