The Dead Walking

(You all know the story of the Walking Dead. This is a different version of the walking dead.) I lost my family at the beginning. Been alone ever since. Till one day I stumble across a group. A group that changes my life. My name is Isabella, but I prefer Izzy. I wish I could say I am the same person as I was a year ago, but that would be a lie. I wish I could say walkers are the only things I have killed. I wish I could say a lot of things, but none of them would be true.


13. Farther Than We Thought

              Just as the zombies have completely surrounded us I hear the sound of an arrow wiz past me and into a zombie's head. I look around, but I cant see anyone. I hear another one and a gun shot. I look around some more and see 2 people walking toward us. 2 people that I am very happy to see. Daryl and Beth. "How?"

               "We were following the tracks to Saus. We had to stop and hunt. We heard voices so we came to see who it was," he explains. This is the first time I have ever heard him talk before now. He has a deep, rough voice. I nod. "Where is Rick?"

               "Back at the house we are staying at. We were on our way to Salus to, but we had to stop," I say as we start to walk back toward the house.

               I look back at Carl. His face looks sadder than I expected it to be. I slow down till he has caught up to me. I grab his hand. I don't care if Beth or Daryl see. I love him and I don't care whether they have a problem or not. He looks at the ground. "Whats wrong?"

             "I couldn't save you. If they wouldn't have showed up we would both be dead," he shakes his head and scowls at the ground. "I couldn't save you," he repeats.

             "Its okay. You ran out of bullets," insist.

             "Yeah I know I ran out of bullets. But that doesn't change the fact that we were about to die and I couldn't stop it. I-" I lean forward until our lips connect. We stop walking as we cherish the kiss. When I pull away he starts to say something I bring my finger to his mouth.

              "Listen to me. You tried and that's all that matters. Now forget about it. We are both fine so forget about it," I snap just a little to harshly.



              He leans forward and whispers in my ear," I love you."

              I whisper back," I love you too."

              We continue walking and finally we reach the field with the tall, grown up grass. We make our way through it and we reach the house. I don't even knock. I walk straight in. Rick and Charolette are sitting on the couch in front a fire place. They must have gathered some wood. I don't know where Mashone is. Rick stares at Daryl and Beth with wide, shocked eyes. "Wa... How did you find us," he stutters.

               "Its a long story..." I walk away as he starts the story. I walk down the hallway towards the room I stayed in. I see Carl's stuff still beside the bed. What if his dad saw that? He'll know he sent the night in here. Crap...

                I heard Carl following me as I walked down the hall, but I hadn't paid much attention. He stops behind me and doesn't say a word. I walk in and sit down on the bed. He walks in after me, but doesn't sit down. "When do you think we'll leave here?" I ask breaking the silence.

              "I don't know, but its farther than we thought it was," he shrugs.

              "You know something I realized today?"


              "I have been saved by you guys twice now," I sigh and look at the ground.

              "That's what people have to do now. We have to look out for each other and save people. No one is perfect. Sometimes people need help. Even you," he adds with a smile.

              "Yeah I know. Trust me I know. I don't understand how I can go over a year of keeping myself alive with no help and now within a few weeks I have had the chance to die twice," I shake my head.

              Carl sits down beside me and puts his arm around me. I rest my head on his shoulder and let out another exasperated sigh. "You'll be okay... I promise," he says and I believe him.

              We don't say anything for a long time. We just sit there enjoying each other's company. I slowly start to fall asleep as my head rest on his shoulder. He doesn't say a word, he just holds me tight. I love him.

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