The Dead Walking

(You all know the story of the Walking Dead. This is a different version of the walking dead.) I lost my family at the beginning. Been alone ever since. Till one day I stumble across a group. A group that changes my life. My name is Isabella, but I prefer Izzy. I wish I could say I am the same person as I was a year ago, but that would be a lie. I wish I could say walkers are the only things I have killed. I wish I could say a lot of things, but none of them would be true.


6. Attacked

             I am woke up in what feels like 5 minutes. Someone yanks me off my bed. I cant see who they are though. They have me looking in front of them and they are standing behind me. I try to spin around and see who it is, but I cant move. They have a tight grip on me. I go to yell, but they cover my mouth with their large hand. I bite down hard. He punches me in the jaw and covers my mouth again as I scream in pain. Carl! He'll be coming back soon. "If I kill you I'm sure they'll get the message," I shoves me against the wall and tightens his hands around my neck.

              I gasp for air, but his hands are crushing my wind pipe. I feel tears swell in my eyes, but I blink them away. I wont cry and give him that satisfaction. I am able to see what he looks like now, though my vision is blurry. He has a shaved head. He has dark, evil brown eyes and a black beard. He wears a tattered vest and black shirt. His jeans are filled with holes and his brow boots are covered in blood. Over the mans shoulder I see someone else enter the room. They are sorts short, a kid, and has chin length brown hair. Their eyes widen at the side. Its Carl. He raises his gun and points it at the back of the mans head. The bullet will hit me though if he shoots. I widen my eyes so he knows not to shoot and that I see him. My vision is starting to go black. My chest burns, and my heart is thumping loudly. I see him mouth the word move before my vision goes dark. I move my head slightly so it is dangly to the right. I cant see, but I hear the bang of the gun. It is loud in my ears and I wince. I slump to the floor, unable to hold my own weight. The last thought that comes to my mind is Carl just saved me... again.




                  "Izzy? Izzy? Izzy can you hear me," I hear a voice, but it sounds far away. "Izzy if you can hear me do something. Move your hand, speak, anything," the voice pleads.

                  "How long was he choking her?" another voice asks.

                  "A minute or 2. Is she going to be okay?"

                  "I don't know. I hope so, but it depends on how long she was without air."

                  "It wasn't that long!" he yells.

                  "Calm down Carl." So its Carl... and Rick.

                  I move my hand. Its the only thing I can feel. "Izzy?"

                  I move my leg slightly and twitch my eyes. I cant get my eyes to open all the way or talk. "If she's moving then she'll be okay," Rick tells Carl.

                  "Izzy? Open your eyes."

                  I twitch my eyes for a moment until they slide open. I look around. I am on a bed. My bed, surrounded by Carl, Rick, and Hershel. I didn't hear Hershel. "How do you feel Izzy," Hershel asks, his faced lined with concern.

                  "M-m-my... throat... burns," I choke out. "Its... hard... to... talk."

                  "What happened?" Carl asks.

                  "Man... grabbed me... and... choked me... said... this... would... get... the... message... across," I manage to say through the burning in my throat.

                  "He must have been from another group that we've done something to. They wanted to show us they meant business. Killing a kid to show us that?" Hershel shakes his head.

                   "I don't know who it is," Rick shakes his head too.

                   "It doesn't matter," Carl snaps.

                   "You... guys can... go. I'm fine," I lie.

                   "Izzy we all know you are not fine. You were almost strangled to death!" Carl insists.

                   "Can... someone help... me up," my throat feels a little better. The stinging and burning is starting to fade.

                    Rick and Carl grab one of my arms and gently lift me up. I walk over to my small mirror and look at myself. Bruises in the shape of fingers line my neck and a purple blob covers my right cheek bone. I look awful. I turn away. I cant look at myself like this. "I... look awful," I groan.

                   "The bruises will heal. The important thing is you're okay," Hershel replies calmly.

                   "We need to have people patrolling the fences everywhere. He got in so apparently we aren't guarding good enough. I'm gonna go find some people to do it," Rick explains.

                   He leaves. "Are you going to be okay here?" Hershel asks.

                   "I'll be... fine."

                   "I'll be here with her. She'll be fine."

                   "I'm gonna go see if anyone saw anything or if he attacked anyone else."

                   He leaves and I am left alone with Carl. I look at him. He is my only friend. "You saved me again."

                   "Yeah. I shouldn't have left. If I wouldn't have went and told my dad you wouldn't have been here alone."

                   "You didn't know."

                   "Yeah. You should get some sleep," he instructs.

                   "You sound like my mother," I joke. I smile a little, but it hurts my cheek and I wince.

                   "I mean it. Its late anyways."

                   "How long was I out?"

                   "A few hours. I was afraid you wasn't going to wake up," he admits.


                   "You're my only friend Izzy."

                   I don't reply. Instead I lay back. Carl sits at my feet as I shut my eyes. I feel weird with him being here while I'm sleeping, but I am to tired to resist. I fall asleep in seconds.


                      * Carl's point of view *

                  I watch as she falls asleep. She looks so peaceful. I didn't tell her that I would go crazy if she died. She is my best friend that I've ever had. Even before the appocolypse I never had a friend like her. I wish she could talk better. I would love to talk to her right now and figure out more of what happened. I feel no remorse for shooting that man, but the weight of killing someone is heavy on my shoulders. I've killed people before. Only because I had too, but its hard. Knowing you took someone's life makes you feel weird. Numb. I sigh. She's asleep, but I'm not going to leave her by herself. Not again.

                  I lean against the wall and pull my legs up against my chest. My arms drape over my knees. I lean my head back and close my eyes. The last thing that I see before I fall asleep is the image of the man holding her against the wall, trying to kill her. Then me shooting him.


                       * Izzy's point of view *

                     When I wake up the next morning I see Carl asleep, leaning against the wall. He stayed with me all night. Of course. I sit up. My head is spinning, but my throat doesn't hurt as bad as yesterday so that's a good sign. I look in my mirror and see that bruises are starting to fade. Barely, but still fading. I take my hair down and put it back up in a nicer ponytail. I put my sweat shirt on over my tank top to cover some of the bruises on my neck. It doesn't help much. I look back at Carl who is still fast asleep. I smile slightly and walk back to my bed. I sit down. I don't want to wake him, but I don't want to leave him here alone. He wouldn't do that to me. I decide I'll wait for him to wake up. I lean my head back and close my eyes as I wait for him to wake up.



                     Okay so that's sort of a crappy ending to a chapter, but the next chapter is going to be a lot more exciting so I wanted to end it there. I want to think all of you again for reading this story. It means a lot. Also don't forget to like, favorite, and comment! Thank you! :)



                                                 dauntless123 (Samantha)

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