Fire and Water

(New fire and ice- same but different location and more chapters!)

I don't know who I am, or what I am, but whenever your scared or about to break go to the water or fire


13. legends

Jay's pov

I woke up with crystal by my side sleeping peacefully and slipped out of the bed. I pickedout my clothes and went to take a shower. When i stepped in the water instantly turned into steam when it touched me, but that was fine i guess as long as i got clean. When i finished i wasnt wet so i had no problem putting my black skinned and black tanktop that had a flowery design. I grabbed my neon orange converse and ran out the door. I didnt know where i was going but somehow i did knoew that i would get some place that would help me. I walked for a long time, and when i felt that i had found the place i was looking for i went inside whatever it was that i stopped in front of. It was a book shop. A bell chimed when i opened the door. "Hello? Are you closed!?" An old man came out behind a door with a cloud of dust rising behind him. "Come in come in! Are you looking for anything specific?" He said. I thougt for a moment or two and said, "do you happen to have any books on the fire element?" He turned around mumbling to himslef pver and over the word fire. When he turned around again he had three books in his hands. "Well looky here, i have 'fire legends' i have 'element control: fire' and i have 'fire elementals: people beyond the flame' Any of those suit you?" He asked after reading the titles out loud. I nodded feverishly. " yes all pf the please!" The old man grinned behind his wiry glasses. He pushed them across the counter. "How much do i owe you?" I asked pulling out some money that i found in the cabin cave. The old man looked confused. "Take them. No cost." I shook my head and pushed a wad of money across the counter. He pushed it back. "I have to pay you i can just take them and leave." He waved me off. I knew that there was no way of winnong this argument so i just put the wad of money in the tip jar. He began to object but i wiggled my finger at him. "It is a tip. Not a payment. A tip." I smiled at him and left the store with the books in a bag and ran back home. On the way i picked up some breakfast from McDonalds. When i got back to the cabin Crystal was still asleep. I put the breakfast on the counter in the kitchen and began 'fire legends'.

According to this (old) book, that every century four girls were born. The first with brown hair and brown almost red eyes. The second with blonde and blue eyes. The third with light brown hair and green eyes. Finally, the fourth with platinum blone hair and grey eyes. These girls represented an element. The first fire. The second water. The third earth. The fourth air. The girls were all related though none knew. Each girl was sent to a different family. Each on their fith birthday, they made special contact with their element. When this happened, a birthmark was made on thier bodies and that represented their element. Later, each on their 18th year, they were goven the power of their element. The place or time of this happeneing is unknow. Soon their destiny will come and they will all meet. When this happens they will rise against the greater power, lightning, and save all. After this the world will be restored in blalance until the cycle repeats itself.

I put the book down, barely getting into the forst chapter, and ran to go wake up crystal. I showed her and her eyes popped out if herr head. "Lightning?!" I nodded rememebering the man claiming to be my father. I saw something flash in Crystal's eyes but i didnt quite catch it. She looked down and then at me. "You know what this means?" She asked me. I nodded my head and whispered, "there are more like us. We just have to find them."

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