Fire and Water

(New fire and ice- same but different location and more chapters!)

I don't know who I am, or what I am, but whenever your scared or about to break go to the water or fire


10. just friends

Crystals pov

I woke up and went to take a shower with clothes in my hand. I turned on the water and smiled. I started making shapes out of the water. Bird. Flower. After a while i decided i would try my luck at ice. I started by taking a large drop of water and keeping it in mid air with one hand and the other facing it. It just started to crystalize when i heard a voice. "Having fun?" I jumped and the water went everywhere, including jay. Except as soon as it touched her, it went up in steam. "Dang...." I said under my breath. She laughed, grabbed her hair brysh, and left. I started to take off my clothes and got in the shower.

> <

When i got out, the mirror was completely fogged over, so i tried to take it off. I guess hot water or steam isnt my thing, so i called jay. She came in and chuckled making a flame in her hand and placing it on the mirror. I could see the flame reflected in her eyes. She moved her finger which made the flame follow her motions and soon the fog was all gone. She made her hand a fist and the flame evaporated into steam. "Thanks." Jay nodded and left the room.

Jay's pov

Crystal was taking FOREVER to ckmb her hair and get her act together. I waitrd outside with a red plaid shirt, skinny jeans, and work boots. While i waited i looked through my phone. I scrolled and saw an unknown number. I clicked the text and it read

Hey Jay, this is harry by the way... Umm, do you want to go tp dinner?

I smiled and saw there was another trxt from him.

I mean you AND your sister with the lads... I mean its not a date or anything. Unless you want it to be! It doesnt have to.

I laughed at his awkward-ness and replyed,

Ya sure at what time and where?

He immediately texted back.

At tonight at 7:00 pm my place. No formal junk though!

I laughed yet another time at his awkward-ness and replyed,

Ok see you then! :)

Just as i turned off my pjone crystal FINALLY decided to come out. I pushed past her with a smile into the bathroom and took a shower.


I came out and quickly brushed my long hair and checkinh in the mirror. I decided to go with a natural look (no make up and side braid). J went outside and checked my phine again. No new messages. I turned ofc my phone again and went to look for crystal. I quickly found her by the little stream behind the cabin.she looked up at me as my shadow covered her. I told her about the dinner thing and she nodded.

6:00 PM

we started getting ready and putting on any makeup we had saved from... The incident... Crystal decided to change into a gray dress while i stayed in my clothes that i already had on. It was almost 7:00 so we got in the car abd drove to harry's flat. ~~~~ when we got there i knocked on the door and waited for someone to answer. When harry answered i looked at hin waiting for him to let us in. "Well look who we have herre boys! Couldnt stay away from styles? Its ok im used to it." He said loyd enough for the rest of the boys to hear. I laughed and said, "your the one that couldnt stay away from me. I seem to recall that you asked me to come here and also you saying that it could be a date if i wanted to. But.. I didnt. I bet your also used to that, arent you?" He looked away and then looked back. "Wow your so deperate, your making up stories!" I smirked and said, "would you like to see the texts? I have them all here." I said pulling out my phone. After that he looked defeated and let us in. He stopped me and whispered, "your the first girl who has ever turned me down... Im guessing i am NOT atractive to you?" I laughed and whispered, "there is a first time for everything. Who said i wasnt atracted though?" I walked away and didnt look back. We all went into the kitchen and started eating KFC. I sat in between Crystal and Harry. Harry leaned ober to me and whispered, "so then would you liek to go out sometime?" I smiled shyly and said, "how about just friends..." He looked down sadly and i continued my sentence, "for now." He looked back up and smiled. I kissed hom on the lips and finished eating. When we were done, crystal and i left saying good bye to each if the boys. As we walked out the door i turned back and winked at harry. "Harry, huh?" Crystal asked smiling from ear to ear. I pushed her and we made away to my car. I known that she was teasing but his name kept ringing in my mind. We drove home and crashed in our beds. My last thought was harry saying, "would you like to go out?"

A/N: I AM SSSOOO SORRY THAT I COULDNT UPDATE! I mnow jm hirrbile and im sorry, but i hope that you will all love this chapter even though its super short! ~ Liar111

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