Fire and Water

(New fire and ice- same but different location and more chapters!)

I don't know who I am, or what I am, but whenever your scared or about to break go to the water or fire


2. introduction of Crystal

Chapter 2

Introduction of Crystal

Crystal's pov

I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock and got up lazily. I got in the shower letting the cool water run over me. I got out and put on a aqua blue dress that matched my eyes with black sandals with straps. As I ran downstairs leaving my hair natural, I skipped breakfast and walked to school.


As lunch approached I realized I was STARVING!!!! I sat next to a girl I met, Jay, and asked if I could come over after school. She nodded and smiled and I smiled back. After that she left with her friend right behind her. I went to look for them, but got lost on the way. I ended up in a bathroom and turned on the faucet. I let the water run over my hands. When I pulled my hands away the water followed. As soon as that happened I had a memory I never even knew I had.


As I jumped into the pool and looked around myself I let go of the air in my lungs. As soon as I did though, I felt a burning sensation in my throat. I noticed my hair start to turn blue, and I swam back to the top. I showed my mom my hair, but she paid no attention. As I inspected myself u saw a birth mark in the shape of a wave.


As I pulled my hands farther away, I saw that the water followed and came into mid air. I made my hands into fist and the water slowly evaporated away. I ran away from the bathroom as soon as possible.

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