Fire and Water

(New fire and ice- same but different location and more chapters!)

I don't know who I am, or what I am, but whenever your scared or about to break go to the water or fire


8. I don't know

Harry's pov

"What's up with Niall?" I asked as he sat down in kind of a daze. I snapped my fingers in front of him but... Nothing. Finally I just slapped him. "Oi mate what was that for?" He screamed. "What's up with you?" He went back into a daze. "She kissed me." I felt a wave of anger rush over me. I whispered, "Jay?" He just looked confused. "What? No! Crystal kissed me...." Liam raised an eyebrow. "So are you guys together?"

Jay's pov

"I don't know." Crystal said after u asked if she and Niall were together. "He is just kind of..."

Harry's pov

"Confusing, you know? I don't understand her, one minute..."

Jay's pov

"He is all shy, the next spontaneous and it's spinning..."

Harry's pov

"My head!" Niall said putting his head in his hands. "Don't worry mate," Zayn said. "I'm sure she is saying the same thing." He sighed. "I hope so."

A/N: btw this is supposed to be like their saying the same thing so sorry if it's confusing.

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