Fire and Water

(New fire and ice- same but different location and more chapters!)

I don't know who I am, or what I am, but whenever your scared or about to break go to the water or fire


7. day off

Chapter 6

Day off

Crystal's pov

Yay!!!! We just started yesterday but today is break day! Jay and I walked along the mall when I got a call. (Phone convo between Crystal and Niall)

C: hello?

N:hey Crystal it's me Niall.

C:oh hi Niall what's up?

N: well we kind of need you and Jay here at the studio like now!

C: shoot ok give us 10 minutes

N:ok bye see ya in 10

C: bye

I hanged up my phone and Jay asked me what happened. "We gotta go. Now." She sighed and made a pouty face. "What why?!" I smacked her arm. "The boys need us. Let's go!" We ran to the car and went to the studio. "What happened?! On a scale of 1 to 10 how bad is the situation?!" The boys all laughed at my worrying. "Nothing happened we were just wondering if you guys would like to go eat some farmer boys for breakfast." Jay grinned and said, "will you pay?"

"Of course!"

"Can we get whatever we want?"


"Won't we be mobbed?"



"Let's go through the drive through then."

"Let's go!"

We walked to Harry's car and Jay yelled "shotgun!" Louis pouted. "Aww man!!! Please let me go!" I laughed and made a pouty face. "Sorry Lou but I called it!"

Jay's pov

"Wait how did Niall get your number Crystal?" Niall looked down and blushed. "I asked for it..." I laughed and said, "awww wittle wiall like Crystal!" I said in a baby voice. "It's ok Niall I'm just teasing. Good thing she is single!" I winked at him and he blushed even more making everyone else laugh except Crystal who was also blushing. I finally stopped laughing and turned up the radio. And big woop, story of my life came on. The boys all look at each other in surprise. I just roll my eyes. And then... They start singing! Of course any Directioner would fangirl on the spot, but me only just meeting them yesterday I just sat there. I look over at Harry and he was staring at me. "Eyes on the road not me." He laughed and looked away.

Harry's pov

Story of my life came on and I thought maybe the girls would like to see a personal concert so I start singing and the others join in too. I guess they weren't very impressed. I stopped singing and look over to Jay for a reaction. "Eyes on the road not me." I laughed and continues to look at the road. It was weird to know that they could control an element, but cool to. AND DANG CAN JAY ROAST A MARSHMALLOW!!!!!!! I think Niall May like her or Crystal. I think I've got some competition in my hands.

Niall's pov

I looked over to Crystal and said "sorry." She looked puzzled. "For what?"

"For telling everyone about me getting your number..."

"Aww it's ok!"

She kissed me on the cheek and looked out the window. I was stunned. I just looked straight ahead and smiled probably looking like an idiot. I couldn't help it! She is just so... Wow I can't believe it...

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