Fire and Water

(New fire and ice- same but different location and more chapters!)

I don't know who I am, or what I am, but whenever your scared or about to break go to the water or fire


11. daddy?

Crystal's pov

I woke up in the middle of the night with to choices peppering me. Finally i decided what i would do and put on black jeans, black sweatshirt, a black beanie, and black hightops. I slipped out of the cabin and into the night. I searched the skys for clouds, but saw nothing. I remembered what happened last time and found an abandoned building. Next to the building was an old lake. I reached into the water and monuvered it to the building. I made it snake into the building through the doors and flooded the building. When that happened i saw a flash of lightning across my face. When i could see again i saw skys all around me. No walls. No roof. Just a floor and stars all around me. "Hello? HELLO?!" When no one answered i was about to flood ovrr my self to go back when i heard, "Crystal? My daughter?" I turned aroubd abd saw the man that was hee he first time. The one who kept appearing in my deams since i was born. "Daddy?" I started tearing up and i let them flow freely. I ran up to him and hugged him. "Oh daddy, where have you been? I have needed you so much!" I said pulling away. He sighed ans said, "i am glad you have came. I believe thought that your sister has not learned to like me of any sort. Am i correct?" He asked unwavering. I nodded yes. "Please show her the good that i can be. I dont want her to believe that her father is evil." He said sadly. I nodded my head again. "Of course i will. I promise i will." He smiled at me. "Come here." He led me to a large bowl that i was immediately atracted to when i first saw it. "This my dear, is enchanted water. It never runs out. Use ot when you need it." He put the water in a small bottle and gave it to me. I took it carefully in both hands and tried it out. It just kept coming and coming. I let it go and all the watee fell back into the bottle. "Thank you. We will meet again, father." He nodded towards me. I hugged him and let go. I tried the endless water again and covered myself in it. The last thing i saw was a lightning streak he sky. I was back at the building and i ran as fast as i can back to the cabin. When i got there i saw that Jay was still asleep. I put the water down in a purse i had and put on my pajamas. I whispered to myself "goodnight daddy." And fell asleep.


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