My day!

This is mostly my little Diary. This is like a inside look on my days (Some feelings, Stuff that happens on that day…etc. Hope you enjoy or I hope you don't get to bored, haha (Kidding).


7. #7

I spent most of my spring break reading Divergent and I'm in love with Four (Theres no other way I can put it, lol). 

Anyway today my mom took off and we went to go see an movie 'God is not dead.' It was really good! 

At first me and my mom was having sorta of an hard time cause this guy backed up without seeing her and well, hit her. It's not to bad though, so thats good. I barely even noticed it was hit, haha.

I also, left my phone in the store bathroom but, I got it. Thank the Lord!

When I got home, I tried to explain to my dad about the movie but, he interrupts me to talk to Mom and that really does bother me…like he doesn't even care.

I also, feel like my brain is messed up with thoughts of 'him'. Why am I keep thinking about the same guy? I shouldn't be thinking of him… it's risking.


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