My day!

This is mostly my little Diary. This is like a inside look on my days (Some feelings, Stuff that happens on that day…etc. Hope you enjoy or I hope you don't get to bored, haha (Kidding).


4. #4

I had this on my mind and I want to get this off my chest. I'm a directioner, ok? And I love my band. They're not just a band, they are heroes. I could be having a bad day and I can listen to there music and it makes me feel better. I want to share something to you. It's what I wanted to say but, couldn't put it in words.

Ahh, I love this, haha. 


Anyway, I'm in ACT prep now. We don't do much in this class. Thank God! So, I have this girl I have to sit by on the bus, right. Well, she's annoying…sometimes. It's weird cause sometimes we can get along well and other times we want to tear each others hair out. There is times we talk to each other and get along fine and times I want to pick her up and throw her off the seat. Hopefully, I won't have that problem today *sigh*. I mean, she's the biggest drama queen I have ever met. Did I mention she is BOY CRAZY?! I mean like really boy crazy and what gets on my nerves the most when I have a celebrity crush she starts liking them because I do. I wouldn't mind if she likes them too, (because a million of girls do) but, it's every celebrity I like (just, urgh).



Well, thats all my rants for today. {Please, like, Comment, and please fan me. Thanks!}

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