My day!

This is mostly my little Diary. This is like a inside look on my days (Some feelings, Stuff that happens on that day…etc. Hope you enjoy or I hope you don't get to bored, haha (Kidding).


2. #2

Today was Sunday and I didn't go to church today. We did watched the other two movies that we got but, the thing is none of them was good except for one and that was the one we watched yesterday. 


The one we watched yesterday was hilarious. It was about a guy that had five hundred thirty three kids (or somewhere in that number). It's called 'Delivery Man' and it's a comedy (obviously). 


So, that was basically my day watching movies. I'm also, going to take my time and advertise (not so sure you can advertise a person, haha) Ronan Parke. The kid has voice of a angel (if he isn't already a angel). Please look him up and enjoy. I'm going to be doing some airdropping when I get to school, though. If you don't know what airdropping is; it's sending something to someone that has a laptop or a certain type of laptop (like a mac). Anyways, I'm going to be airdropping Ronan Parke videos. I want to make him even more famous then he already is. You'll understand why I'm acting like this when you hear that extraordinary voice of his.


School is tomorrow, ugh, I feel so sad but, the good news is spring break is next week. So,*sigh*  if only I can make it this week. 


The only thing I like about school is my friends. I'm kind of lame since I have no friends in Math. I have no friends in History nor English. Dang, I don't even have friends in Career prep (I am lame). Not exactly since most of my friends are not in any of my classes. In P.E I have three wonderful friends. Even though, I hate P.E with a passion, they just make it better. One can't stay off her laptop (Ah, got to love her). One is my directioner friend (yes, I'm a directioner and I'm proud to say that). One is my smart friend but, she sometimes don't understand how smart she really is. One is not in my P.E class but, we been friends ever since kindergarten. She's in love with Justin Bieber (She's like my Belieber friend).


This is not going to be interesting till, I get a boyfriend, haha. 

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