Can't take it back.

Francis, Gilbert and Antonio, otherwise known as the Bad Touch Trio. Best friends and allies, these Nations know what it's like for the world to crumble beneath them.
But one thing leads to another and quickly a bought of harmless insults leads to breaking a most sacred Taboo.
Can the other Nations get the Trio back together before something terrible happens?


2. Phone Call

Ludwig picked up the phone, fully expecting Feliciano to be screaming for help, or talking about pasta, or something equally irritating. But he did not expect the worried Spanish accent, hurriedly greeting him in a frantic tone.

"Hola, Ludwig, is Gil there?" Antonio queried.

"Yes," Ludwig replied into the phone. "He came back a minute ago, and slammed the door. Please tell me mein bruder hasn't gotten himself into trouble again. If the police come knocking on our door one more time..." He left the threat hanging, but Antonio ignored it.

"No! Francis insulted Old Fritz, Ludwig. And he said about Prussia loosing his nation, amigo!"

Ludwig felt the colour drain from his face. Old Fritz had been the only of his big bruder's bosses to accept him. To make Gilbert feel like he belonged.

"Next time I see that frog-"

"Amigo, this is what I'm saying, si? We have to find Francis, and make him apologise! I know Gil as well as you, amigo, and I know he won't be leaving that room until he fells better. He'll starve himself, amigo!" Antonio's voice was frantic, and Ludwig knew he was right.

"What do I do?" the German asked, after a slight pause. Antonio's voice was quick to reply.

"We have to find Inglaterra, amigo. I hate to say this, but the only way Francis will apologise is if we force him into it. Inglaterra knows the insults that hurt him the most, and... So do I. Amigo, just meet me outside, si? Then we can find Inglaterra."

"Ja," Ludwig replied. "I can help you with that."

"Gracias!" the Spaniard replied, and Ludwig went to put down the phone. The sound of Antonio cursing silently was the last thing he heard from him, as he returned the phone to it's place on the table, and went briefly to his brother's door. As expected, it was locked.

"Bruder..." Ludwig muttered. "Ich schwöre, Frosch, ich werde dich töten, wenn er nicht bald besser fühlen beginnen."

Then he turned, silently fuming, and walked to the door, waiting for Antonio to turn up, hopefully with the Brit in tow. Ludwig didn't get along with Arthur at the best of times, but, if it were to help his bruder, he could easily call a truce, if only temporary.

Whatever happened, the French man was going to pay.



Ich schwöre, Frosch, ich werde dich töten, wenn er nicht bald besser fühlen beginnen - I swear, Frog, I'm going to kill you if he doesn't start feeling better soon.

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